Nothing says bachelor party quite like steak.  Yes, we’ve said that in other posts and it’s important enough to say again.   A steak at a good place with the right group is a great thing to add to the overall bachelor party festivities.   A nice sit down dinner will give the group a chance to catch up and the right steak will feel as good when you’re done as a lap dance.   OK, it’ll have to be a great steak for that, and for that we recommend Chelsea Prime.

Located in the Chelsea (as if you couldn’t tell that by the name of the restaurant itself), Chelsea Prime is amazing.  It looks more like a dinner club, has indoor and outdoor seating and views of the ocean – so you can plan where to streak later on.

Besides the steaks the place offers great seafood, a cocktail lounge with any kind of drink you want and booths that the drunkest guy in your group can pass out in during dinner (just don’t let the bachelorette group next to you see it).  If you don’t want to be bothered with even deciding what to eat, just order the price fixe menu.  They’ll decide what you should get and it’ll be good. 

We love Chelsea Prime for your Atlantic City Bachelor Party not just because of the food, drinks and good time but also because the Chelsea is a good spot to hang a while too – especially during the summer.  

Stop by, don’t eat so much you can’t drink later and while you’re sitting at dinner convince the bachelor to ditch the wedding for Mexico instead.

Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party



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