So it's been a while since we've done an Atlantic City restaurant review for your bachelor party and what better way to start back up than with the man himself - Bobby Flay's Steakhouse at The Borgata.

There are many steakhouses in Atlantic City and nothing says Bachelor Party quite like a group of guys sitting around a table full of big slabs of meat.  Unless of course that steak is being served on the naked stomach of a stripper.

Unfortunately, they don't offer the stripper stomach steak at Bobby Flay's... yet. Even without that, Bobby's is an amazing place to sit down to a nice dinner with your group of guys.  You can also use it as a great way to impress the bride's family if you invite her dad to dinner because he'll think the groom's friends have good taste and are classy.

Food - the food is amazing. Everything on the menu is great.  We highly recommend the Philadelphia Cheesteak Style Steak.  One bite and you'll slap your mother for never making you a steak that good.
Appearance - the restaurant is so nice it makes you feel just a little more important sitting down in it and it helps you forget how hung over you still feel from the night before.
Location - it's in the Borgata, enough said.
Crowd - we notice that cougars also like steaks, be on the look out.

Price - this isn't a place for those on a tight Bachelor Party budget.  It's a high quality restaurant and is priced as such.
Availability - make your reservations early.  This place is popular so don't expect to be able to just show up and get seats on a weekend night.

Overall, if you want to do at least one really classy thing and eat a damn good meal for the bachelor party be sure and hit Bobby Flay's.  The guy is on the Food Channel with some cooking show like every 29 minutes so he knows what he's doing.  The best part of going there, as it relates specifically to a bachelor party, it'll give you something you can actually talk about back home.

Medium Well,
Don -Atlantic City Bachelor Party



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