So we’ve given you plenty of other bachelor party ideas for AC in our other posts – here, here, here, and here.   Now we hope you’re ready for part 5 in our series.  Afterall, we can help you come up with millions of ideas for your AC Bachelor Party, so why not share them.   Remember, if you want to hear all of them, check out our bachelor party phone consultation service where you talk to one of our top pros and he walks you through EVERYTHING to make your party great or use the form on the first page to have us plan all of your party.

Ideas for your AC Bachelor Party – Part 5:
  • get there early enough to hit a beach bar during the day
  • hire a midget to do midget tossing (we can make it happen, and yes, this guy prefers to be called a midget)
  • bring bike helmets with you and have the bachelor wear it out to the bar.   When asked by girls what he’s doing just say he was recently in a major car accident that hasn’t fully healed yet and he has a huge soft spot on his head you can touch and almost feel his brain, and the accident also made his penis 3 times bigger. 

So don’t forget – the bachelor party is a once in a lifetime event for the bachelor (usually – unless you have 2 parties, but that’s one of our little secrets we can explain to you).   So… do whatever you have to to make it the best fucking time of his (and your) life.

Brian – Atlantic City Bachelor Party Package Master 



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