So you actually got away from your regular life and are now at a bachelor party in Atlantic City.  The problem is you don’t want to admit how great it was and you need some kind of souvenir that says yeah we had fun, but it wasn’t out of control.  

Here’s the perfect alibi – Atlantic City’s Hard Rock Café at the Trump Taj Mahal Hotel Casino.   Stop in, buy a shot glass or some t-shirts for the people at home and you’re gold.   Say you spent an entire night drinking and eating in there and then just gambled a little bit then went to bed.   It’ll sound completely believable and you’ll have the t-shirt to prove it.  

Good thing no one will know you were downing beers, throwing up on stage at a strip club and throwing fives at every girl that walked by.

You’re Welcome!
Brian – Atlantic City Bachelor Party



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