If there’s one classy thing you want to do on a bachelor party it should be dinner.  Sitting around an amazing meal and sharing stories about and toasting the bachelor is a great tradition.  A great place to do that while enjoying some incredible Italian food – Polistina’s in Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City.   It’s the kind of place where you sit down and they just bring out a plate of meats, cheeses and olives (not to mention the bread and oil) like you were at your Italian grandmother’s house.

The menu is huge and can cater to any taste.  From steaks to seafood and every kind of traditional Italian food in between you’ll find it all.  You definitely will be able to please everyone in the group so you don’t have to listen to someone complain because they don’t eat something.   There’s some places you end up going that look great and have the name but then the menu is four choices long – not here. 
Another important point: they can make any drink possible, have a huge wine list, and lots of beer options as well.  You can take a couple hours eating dinner if you want and you definitely won’t go thirsty.   The prices are good and right in line with what you would expect from a really good popular restaurant.

The final point – because it’s in Harrah’s you’ll have plenty of things to do before and after dinner.  Harrah’s is a great resort and Polistina’s will make the portion of the bachelor party you remember that much better.  

So, if your ideas for the bachelor party include a great traditional sit down dinner (you can even invite the father of the bride to the nice dinners too, which equals bonus points) and you want great food, head to Polistina’s now.

Don - ACBP



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