We’ve been seeming to get a lot of questions the past 2 weeks about party buses and limos.  So, we thought we’d round up some of our past travel related posts and give you the links here so you can get all the info. you need for your bachelor party travel.

Taking a Limo or Party Bus Down to Your Atlantic City Bachelor Party

A Bachelor Party Transportation Dilemma - To Party Bus or Not To Party Bus

What Type of Transportation Do You Need in AC?

Getting to the Bachelor Party on the ACES train

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Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

We get requests all the time to help parties find limos or party busses from their hometown down to AC for a bachelor party.  Sure, it sounds great on paper, but what usually happens is people get the bill and they crap their pants. 

We’ve done a post before on the pros and cons of a bachelor party bus you can check out, but here are some of the top things to think about.   First, you’ll be paying the limo or bus company to pick you up in your town, drive down, then drive back, then drive to AC, pick you up the next day (if you’re smart enough to stay over) and drive you back home - multiple very expensive trips.   Second, you’ll have to have everyone in the group ready to go when the rest of the group is – instead of having a couple cars head down and people get there when they can get there and don’t hold anyone up.

Don’t get us wrong, we can be fans of busses and limos but it seems like a lot of people are trying to use them in a bad way lately.  Save the money for drinks and strippers - it’s a bachelor party not a prom.


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Miss those days when you used to take a school bus to school?  What better way to relive the memory than to get a party bus for your next bachelor party.   We love party buses, when they’re used the right way, and we want to make sure that you get everything you can out of your party bus experience and avoid getting a bus when it really doesn’t make sense.

First, let’s start with some reasons why it’s great to have a party bus at the bachelor party:
  • No Need to Drive – this is obvious, but making sure you get the party around without having to drive or name a designated driver can make the bus totally worth it. Oh yeah, and now you can drink while someone drives!
  • Everyone In The Same Place – hate the idea of everyone showing up in their own cars or being responsible for “finding the place”?  Another great part about buses is that they can fit a lot of people.  Whether it’s an old school yellow school bus or a luxury party bus you can generally fit the entire bachelor party inside.
  • Taking the Show on the Road – yup, you can get strippers on the bus.  60MPH lap dances mean a lot faster grinding up and down on your pants.
  • Hanger-Ons – girls that you meet while you are bar hopping during the bachelor party will find it so fascinating that you have a party bus you’re traveling from bar to bar on.  This is when you invite them on the bus and then have them join along for the party until which time that you want to leave them at the next bar because you’ve found hotter / crazier girls that want to see what the inside of a party bus looks like.
  • Alibi’s – generally the bride to be will think that it will be a tamer bachelor party if you say you’re having it on a party bus.  Just say you’ll be on the bus the whole time driving around town screaming out the windows and they’ll never know that you did a strip club crawl to every strip club in a 90 mile radius.  The next day you’ll have so many stories that happened on the bus that you won’t have to cover for the really good stories that took place off the bus.

Now that we’ve got you seeing how great a party bus can be, let’s talk about the flip side:

  • Cost – party buses can be expensive.  Getting pulled over for throwing shit out the windows of busses can also be expensive, so can cleaning bills for the idiot that throws up on the leather couch.  Be very mindful of total costs when renting – see that the price includes everything (gas, tolls, clean up, insurance).
  • Trying to Wrangle a Group – party buses are great to move from place to place – but did you ever try dragging 20 drunk guys out of a bar or strip club?  Not happening!  You’ll have half the group get right on the bus on time and the other half take an extra hour leaving the bar only after 100 texts and then paying the bouncers to drag them out.
  • Chasing a good time – no matter how much fun you’re having at one place, your mind will be wondering – what if we take the bus over to this other place, will it be better?  Having a bus gives you mobility, which gives you choices – which can make you crazy wondering where the best place is.  
  • Utilization – a lot of people get buses, only to take them down to the party and then take them home.  That can end up being a great under utilization of the bus and you can definitely get a better deal for just using it for that one reason.  You can probably get hotel rooms wherever you’re partying (contact us if you want to party in Atlantic City) for much cheaper per guy and get the benefit of staying over.
There’s plenty more to debate in the great to bus or not to bus debate.  We’ll let you come up with some more reasons why it can be good and bad and make your own decision.  The one thing we will tell you is that whatever you do – make sure you get a bus big enough if you go with a  bus.  The last thing you want to do is to have 20 guys on a bus fit for 10.


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

People often ask us what type of transportation they need for their Atlantic City Bachelor Party, our answer – taxi.   AC has everything close enough together that no matter where you’re going between you’re only going to be driving for about 10-15 minutes at most.

Save the money you would spend on party buses and/or limos and spend it on drinks and girls.   If you’re looking for transportation into or out of town then that’s a different story (check out the ACES train or ferry) where a limo or party bus could be great, but you don’t need it just for getting around Atlantic City itself.

That being said – we have helped plan and throw some amazing parts of a bachelor party that included a limo ride with certain other activities and a party bus full of strippers and midgets.  If you want to step up your party to a whole new level and include a limo or bus – plan it with us and we’ll make sure you get full advantage of your travel in town.


Dan – Atlantic City Bachelor Party Package Pro


OK, so this won’t work for everyone but let’s say you live in certain parts of DE or MD towards the beaches.  You could spend all your bachelor party down there (where there’s no strip clubs in OCMD) or you could hop on a quick ferry ride and make it to Atlantic City in no time.

The Cape May Lewes Ferry will shuttle you from Lewes, DE over to Cape May, NJ (I wonder where they got the name of the Ferry from) in about an hour and a half – saving you lots of time driving up DE and back through NJ.

You’ll pass through some beach towns along the way and while you’re on the Ferry you won’t have to be driving your car.   This is especially perfect for the way home when you’re seeing double and any time you spend off the road and able to sleep in your car (yes, you bring your car on the Ferry) – the better.

So, if you’re down that way don’t forget there is a ferry ready to take you to your Atlantic City Bachelor Party.  You can probably make up a few good games too to mess with the bachelor while you’re on the boat ride.



Dan – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

We couldn't resist posting this clip from the great old movie Bachelor Party.  Tom Hanks at his finest for sure.

While it is pretty funny - we think there's a very important message inside the video: going out with style.   

A bachelor party is as much about the craziness as it is about that moment in the bachelor's life when everything is about to change.   So, don't mess it up!   You wouldn't want your best man to ruin your bachelor party because he didn't plan the absolute best things he could.    We think the video gives you a good checklist so pay attention to what's being asked for in the video below:  chicks, guns, firetrucks, hookers, drugs, and booze.  We'll help you plan the chicks, guns, booze and fire trucks, so you're already ahead of the curve.

Mike - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

We’ve already mentioned that there’s a train called the ACES train that runs from NYC to Atlantic City.  We thought it helpful to give you some tips about taking the train and why it’s a pretty good alternative to driving.

Once you’re in AC you don’t need a car – why spend all the time driving there when you won’t even use it when you get there.  Plus, cars can’t fit large groups of people.  Imagine spending your travel time (which is less time than it would take driving) starting the party, getting some drinks, and not paying attention to anything but funny stories from your friends – ALL of them, not just what your car can fit.

Now imagine the ride home.  Your hungover, tired, and you really don’t want to do anything but sleep or throw up the whole time.  Boom, the ACES train is great for that too.

Arriving in a limo is great too but when you don’t want to pull that off – get on the train and stop driving. 

Mike – AC Bachelor Party

Want to get to Atlantic City quick, hop a plane.   Atlantic City Airport has lots of flights coming in and out daily.   Since it’s a smaller airport you’ll get in and out with no problems, no lines and no hassle.   Most importantly for your bachelor party plans – they have bars at the airport so you’ll be able to get that last minute hair of the dog before you catch your flight home or a quick beer before even leaving the airport when you arrive. 

AC Airport caters to some really affordable airlines. The main carriers are Spirit and Air Tran.  If you can’t find a flight that fits right into AC, fly into Philly and start the bachelor party with a booze filled limo ride down to the casino and your hotel.

Don - ACBP

You’re having a bachelor party in Atlantic City and the only question you have left is – what type of transportation should I set up for the party.  Here’s the great part about Atlantic City, even though in just about every other area of New Jersey you need a car to get around, in AC you can party it up just fine and get your group around without having to have anyone drive.

Let’s face it – you’re going to be drinking and partying, you don’t want to have to worry about a designated driver.   One of the many great parts about planning an Atlantic City NJ Bachelor Party is that there are numerous options when it comes to transportation.   You can go the cheap route and use cabs, the super cheap route and use the jitney or all the way up to a helicopter to take you where you want to go.  

Depending on the timeline of the party and what ideas you have for what you want to do it might make sense to arrange limo service too.  These guys can provide limos, party buses, and other exotic vehicles to get the party around (or make a mobile strip club – ask us more about that). Finding the right provider is key – you don’t want to pay too much and you want to make sure the guy doesn’t do shuttles in between while you’re inside a certain place only to find that when you come out front an hour early to switch spots he’s not there.  

Finding a reputable company can be a bit time consuming (or contact us and it’s immediate) but they’re out there.   The other thing you’ll want to think about is where you want your limo company’s home base to be.  If they’re picking you up in Philly and driving the party down there so you can arrive in style it does make a difference in price whether it’s a Philly based company or an Atlantic City Limo Company. 

The main thing to remember about transportation for your bachelor party is you should be glad you’re in Atlantic City because that means you can arrive, put your car keys down  and use the many different options available to you down there.  Cabs to take you place to place, limos that at your call all night and you fill with girls, or getting a couple homeless guys to give you piggyback rides and races (we’ve actually made that happen… and aren’t necessarily proud of it) make transportation in AC easy.

Mike - ACBP