Bachelor party strippers can make or break your whole bachelor party experience.  If you get the right strippers (hint: that's us), it’s going to make the party that much wilder, more memorable, and add to the fun that you and your friends talk about for many years to come.  

However, if you get the wrong ones, here’s just a sample of the bad things that can happen (all based on true stories from parties – that we experienced before we started this company or from parties that didn't use us):
  • ugly girls will show up
  • you’ll spend the rest of the night (and more) in an extremely bad mood
  • everyone at the party will hate you 
  • the girls will be very very late
  • you’ll pay much more than you expect 
  • you’ll lose lots of money
  • they don’t know where to go in AC so you spend most of your time giving them directions to your hotel
  • if you don’t keep paying extra the girls leave immediately
  • the girls don’t get naked
  • they don't bring any toys, have any games, no music and just sit there boring
  • you were promised some girl from a picture on a website but she doesn't show up (this always happens – practically no one ever brings the actual girl – they out right lie to you because they think when we show up who’s going to really turn away a stripper since the party already started)
  • the girls are really just escorts and don’t do a ‘show’ they just want to know who wants ‘extras’
  • you could get kicked out of your hotel 
  • permanent or at least semi-permanent ‘reminders’ from the night like STD’s or marks (that the groom’s future wife sees)
  • the stripper could find out who the groom is, find him online, then try and blackmail him because she also found his future wife online

Yes, this and many more bad things happen when you try and get strippers from somewhere that isn’t a reliable business.  Sure, that guy on the corner or random ad in a newspaper sounded good – but how do you know they’re trustworthy.  Yes, using a reputable business to bring you the hottest strippers is important.

Many bachelor party strippers in Atlantic City or anywhere are only in it for a short period of time and don’t care whether or not they ever see you again. In fact, they hope you won’t see them again because they’re most likely going to try and scam you.   That’s why you need to make sure you use a group you can trust and that has been doing this for years and is around for the future.

When hiring your bachelor party strippers pay attention to the following:
  • is it a real, trustworthy looking company
  • are the strippers working for themselves (more frequently scams) or working for a company
  • can you tell if they've been around longer than a few weeks or months
  • is the price you’re quoted the price you end up paying – no hidden fees
  • what happens if you cancel the party before the actual day
  • do they get full nude
  • do they bring music, have sex toys, have games to play and have a lot of fun with everyone
  • do they do games or a show with each other if there’s more than one girl
  • are they usually on-time
  • do they have enough girls that they’re not rushing immediately out of your party to go to the next one
  • do they know your area, do they do a lot of business in your area 
  • is there someone that can handle any problem w/ the girl that arises and is in charge of the girls

There are just a few tips.  When you use our Atlantic City bachelor party strippers we do all the good stuff and more.  Contact us and let’s make your bachelor party great.
Yes, you should be treating your bachelor party strippers right because the right ones will treat you right and make your bachelor party an amazing success.  Just make sure you’re being smart and going with the right bachelor party strippers because the wrong ones are dangerous.

Don – Atlantic City Bachelor Party 

Strippers are an important part of any bachelor party and the last thing you want is to have a bad experience with them at your party.   Whether it’s a strung out crack ho or a toothless older woman – AC has a lot of so called strippers you really wouldn’t want to be your night’s entertainment.

When looking to book bachelor party strippers use your common sense.  Look for the signs of a reputable company. If the website looks like crap or super cheesy, it’s probably a fly by night group that only opens up for a couple months a year and doesn’t have any real knowledge of AC.    Shady “pimps” will advertise on shady sites as strippers only so that when they show up and collect the fee – they then say that was a show-up fee and if you want them to do a strip show it’s more. 

 Also, if they have pictures of supermodels or porn stars on their site – you should realize that they most likely don’t really work there.  Haven’t you ever saw a profile on a dating site only to have someone 30 pounds heavier show up – yeah, that’s the same thing that happens here.  The hottest girls don’t want their picture pasted on someone’s website – if they did they would be harassed – instead they want a company that treats them respectfully and keeps their information confidential.   The best strippers get to choose where they work, and they work for us because they know they won’t be splattered on some random ad somewhere they don’t want to be.

Make sure you know what the show will be like too and if the girls will get full naked – some places the girls will dance in bikinis or just topless and demand more to get naked – which they didn’t tell you about too. 

Make sure you think hard about the stripper company you want to supply the girls for your party.  Things can go horribly wrong for the bachelor party when the group is hoping for hot strippers and instead get ripped off of money for a “driver’s fee” that you didn’t know about, or an elderly woman with stretch marks shows up.    Most of all – look for a company to provide them that has been doing it for years, is the place the best girls want to work for, where they love to get fully naked, and you know has been around a while.  Oh yeah, that’s us - contact now.


Dave – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Take a good look just above the high heel of any good stripper and you’ll see one of the most important parts of their outfit – the huge wad of cash rubber banded to their ankle.   After years and years of painstaking research we’ve learned something very valuable: tips make strippers happy.     We’ve also learned that, the happier the stripper the better the bachelor party.

The right way to tip is different whether you’re having the party in a strip club or having the strippers come to you (which is the method we much more highly recommend).   So, let’s talk about the best way to tip your Atlantic City Strippers.

First things first – make sure everyone at the party knows that they should be tipping the girls.  Also, if you’re an incredibly smart best man you’ll also make sure that you stopped at the bank before the party and load up on dollar bills that you’ll trade to the guys in the party.

Secondly, you don’t want to just throw all your money out all at once.  Let the girls get warmed up, start dishing out the dollars a little bit after they get started and make sure that between you and the rest of the guys you keep peppering the girls with bills for as long as you can.   If the girls see that 1) you’re throwing money out little by little and 2) that there’s a nice wad of bills in your hand they’ll keep going for a longer period of time.  

There’s also plenty of creative ways to tip so make sure to work with your girls to come up with the most interesting.  There’s always the frontal squeeze where you hold the bill in your mouth and the girl squeezes her boobs together to get it.  Don’t forget about the sticky wicky where you lay down with a bill on your mouth and a girl has to find something wet to sit on you with and take it off your mouth (wash your face after the show).   Have a contest with the guys to see who can come up with the best way.

If you get girls that are fun enough (and that’s the type of bachelor party stripper we specialize in so contact us) you’ll also have the chance to play lots of fun games like hide the lollipop or whip cream races.  If you really want to have some fun, set up a tournament board and work with us on our “special games”.

Remember, the happier the stripper – the happier you’ll be.  So, contact us and book your in-room Atlantic City Strippers for the best entertainment you could get.


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

What did you wear during your last lap dance?  Chances are it was probably jeans because you were already dressed for the night.  You selfish son of a bitch – go rub your face up and down on a pair of rough jeans for 2 minutes and see how you like it.   

Now, go and get a pair of sweatpants or one of those velour warm up suits and rub your face on that.  Isn’t the touch of soft, comfortable pants a whole lot better?   So, if you want to get better lap dances from the best strippers which pants do you think you should wear.  We’ve asked and have done the research for you and let’s just say that the softer the pants, the more excited the stripper.  The more excited the stripper, the much better the dance.

Of course, walking around all night in sweatpants is comfortable – but it’s not usually the best way to go out after you get your lap dances during a bachelor party.  So, your best bet is to bring the strippers to you by having them come to your hotel room or suite and do their show just for your party.   You’ll be able to rock the warm up outfits without worrying about losing your wallet (because the pockets on those things suck), and be able to change out of them before going on with the rest of the party.  Just one of the millions of reasons why getting strippers to come to you is usually 1,000 times better than going to the strip club. Contact us for the best in-room strippers.

Being comfortable never felt so good.


Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

That’s right – we love when it rains at a bachelor party.  No, we’re not talking about the stupid stuff Mother Nature spits on us, we’re talking about making it rain while the strippers are dancing for your party.  You’ve probably heard the phrase before but if not we’ll explain what “making it rain” means.

The phrase “making it rain” was popular in ancient Egypt as a way to punish... ok, we’re just f-ing with you.  Making it rain means throwing a crap load of dollar bills (or higher if you got it) in the air and watching it gently glide down from the sky and float past a beautiful naked girl dancing for you.  

Why is this important to know for your bachelor party?  Well, after thousands and thousands of painstaking research we’ve found that tipping naked strippers makes them happy.  That’s right – it’s almost as amazing as E-Mc2 but girls that get naked for money, like it when you tip them more money. 

So, if you’d like your favorite dancer to stick around longer while you’re enjoying a bachelor party stripper fest – keep tipping.  Whether it’s making it rain, blowing leaves or shooting the eye of the hurricane the more tips they see the better.  Contact us to plan the party and we'll give you a ton more of our obvious and not-so-obvious tips to make your party great.

Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party Packages

Yes, that's right - AC is finally getting a strip club inside one of it's casino hotels.   We mentioned it on our twitter the other day but we just had to put it in blog form.   Sure, it won't be open for at least 4-6 months, and it's technically not even approved yet, but we're excited already!

Stay tuned for more news.   What better addition to AC than what should hopefully be another good place for a bachelor party.

We'll let you know more as the story develops.
Nick - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Bachelor parties sometimes (hopefully all) involve strippers in some form or another.  Whether it’s in a strip club or getting a great show in your hotel room (we set up the best shows) there are some things you can do to make sure it goes great. The best part is, you’ve probably already learned them from your grandmother.

So what did your grandma teach you that will help you please bachelor party strippers? Be polite, say thank you, slow down - don’t run inside, and eat your vegetables.

  • Be Polite: if you treat the strippers like they’re lower class citizens, they’ll leave.  They’re providing you entertainment and they’re (in the case where you didn’t hire escorts by accident) not lower class people. 
  • Say Thank You:  How do you say thank you and please a stripper, with dollar bills.  The more you throw, the happier they are and the longer they stay.
  • Slow Down - Don’t Run Inside: you’re obviously going to be excited for the girls to show up. Slow down!  Don’t immediately ask them to rip off they’re clothes, take your time and get them a drink first, when they’re dancing with you slow down a bit and don’t pump back and forth like you’re a dog humping a teddy bear.
  • Eat Your Vegetables: if there is a game that involves anything going near your mouth, do it.  Nuff said.

So there you have it.  Next time you think of your grandmom think about how she’s helped you get ready for the real world by teaching you stripper etiquette.  Next time you want to practice that etiquette in Atlantic City – contact us.

Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

When most of you think of strippers you immediately think of amazingly hot women… that’s a good thing.  The only trouble with that is that part of the fun of a bachelor party is messing with the bachelor.  You need something more interesting in order to do that.

So, here’s a few of the different fun strippers we’ve encountered over the years.  We can’t give away everything but these will get your creative juices flowing.  If you want to actually get any of these just let us know.

  • Midgets – good things come in small packages.  Hey, we didn’t pick the term midget, that’s what the people we know choose to be called.
  • LARGE girls – the bachelor’s expecting a hot chick, give him the opposite.  Help him crush his pelvis during the lap dance.
  • Old Chicks – perfect if the bachelor has a mommy complex.  Take bets on which side will be the saggiest.
Hopefully these get you started!
Dan – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

A few months back we told you we would be posting our Atlantic City Stripper of the Month.   Needless to say, we’ve had a LOT of fun researching this. 

We purposely haven’t put any of them up on the web for a few reasons.  See, girls get jealous.  It turns out – girls who are strippers (sorry, we mean dancers) get really jealous.  We work with a LOT of girls here at Atlantic City Bachelor Party.  We do this so we can offer you the absolute best ones from the best companies Atlantic City has to offer.  We believe quality is important and we want to make sure that the girls that show up to entertain your bachelor party are the best ones possible.  Because of this – as we were going to put up some of our monthly featured girls, other ones were getting mad at us.  The last thing you want is a girl that wears 7-inch heels for a living mad at you.   So, instead of featuring one stripper per month, let’s just say that every girl we’ve ever worked with (except that one that is long gone, you know who) is worthy of being featured and you’re all top notch in our book.

Now ladies... get back on the pole and work out those lap-grinding muscles.  Guys, contact us and we'll get you the best AC strippers possible for your bachelor party.

Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

So you want to get strippers for your Atlantic City Bachelor Party.   Good, at least we know you’re on the ball with that aspect of planning.    Finding the perfect strippers for the bachelor party is like finding the holy grail.  People spend a lot of time, check a lot of different places, and then just when they think they found the right one they end up shriveling up and dying like that guy in Indiana Jones.

Of course, you could work with us and let us plan your AC Bachelor Party with one of our packages and get the best AC strippers that we’ve found after years of constant booking and refining.   Or, you could try on your own.  While we hope you’ll go with us – here’s some questions you want to make sure to ask when you’re trying to book your AC strippers.

  • Where would the girls be coming from (are they AC locals or from WAY out of town)?
  • How many parties do they usually do in one night?
  • What do you think is the best time to get them if we didn’t want to be rushed?
  • What does the price you’re quoting me include?
  • What doesn’t the price include?

Use these as the starting point for making sure your Atlantic City strippers aren’t really NYC strippers that will cost you more and will be way late for your party.  It’ll also help make sure that you don’t end up with a very common scenario where the girls show up and they say – OK, now you have to pay for our time – that money you just gave us was just to show up.   OK, that happens with escorts way more than strippers – but you never know.

Contact us so you don’t have to worry about the girls and instead just have to worry about how worn down your pants will be from getting so many lap dances.

Brian – Atlantic City Bachelor Party