As we’ve mentioned probably 100 times before, Halloween Weekend in Atlantic City is so crazy that it’s the perfect time for an AC Bachelor Party.   That being said, we wanted to take a quick second to remind you of some very important things when planning your Halloween bachelor party.
  • Make sure your costume comes off easily so you can go to the bathroom (at least number 1)
  • Make sure you can drink easily through your mask 
  • Hire a photographer to follow your party around – Halloween makes the BEST pics. Have you seen what costumes girls wear?
  • Group costumes are great – except if it’s the Spartans from 300 and your group is full of fat guys
  • Costumes that have very soft and rub-able pants are extra fun for lap dances (determine how you can make a costume out of thin sweat pants)
  • Avoid the super slutty costume girls – too much competition
  • Face paint leaves evidence
  • If you’re in a relationship, wear a costume that a LOT of people are wearing – when your significant other is searching online for pics you can argue it was the “other” person dressed as that costume
  • Black shirts with security written on the back can be a very handy costume for many reasons
  • If you see a guy and girl wearing a “couples costume” don’t expect a threesome
  • If you see a guy and girl wearing a “couples costume” while at the Role Play Lounge in AC, they probably want a threesome.
There you go, some very important reminders for your insane Halloween bachelor party.  If you want to have a really insane time, contact us.


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

When you work with a company like ours, you can be sure you’re getting the best possible pricing for everything you could want in Atlantic City.  That being said in our experience we know that being the one that’s organizing the bachelor party means that you have to put up with a bunch of guys that are going to be asking you about the package cost all the time. 

Here are a few tips as you come up with the cost you want to charge each of the guys coming to the bachelor party.
  • Give them a ballpark price early so they can start putting away money and give you a level of commitment, tell them it’s just a ballpark and will be refined as time goes on.
  • Tell them that the pricing changes based on the number of guys coming so the more they commit to whether they’re coming or not, the better you can estimate costs.
  • Make sure the groom/bachelor knows nothing about what the party costs – he’s the reason you’re all going so he should go for free
  • Make sure the bachelor/groom’s cost is split between everyone else
  • Work with us to get one complete price, in a bachelor party package, for whatever you want to do
  • Collect as much money as you can early
  • Collect and ask for a bit more than you think you need because it’s good to have a buffer – if you’ve collected too much give it back to the guys right before the strippers walk in so they can use it for tips or drinks later on.
We know pricing out a bachelor party sucks and it sucks more when you have 12 guys asking you a bunch of questions about it.  Use the tips above to help make it suck a little less.


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

You’re excited, the soon-to-be-groom’s excited and all you want is everyone coming to the bachelor party to give you their full commitment.  The problem is guys suck at commitment and they suck even more when you’re asking them to tell you whether or not they’re coming to a party a couple weeks or months from now.

It’s a common problem most bachelor party organizers face and it’s one of the most important first steps in planning the party, getting an estimate of the number of people coming.   Here’s some ideas on how to fix that:

  • Send emails / talk to the guests EARLY!  The earlier you ask the more time there is for them to plan.
  • Give them details.  Most people don’t commit because they want to make sure it’s going to be fun enough and what’s going on (even though they won’t help coming up with those ideas).  When you give them details they’ll be more inclined to respond or at least comment.
  • Ask for a small deposit.  Asking for money gets people motivated to say yes or no.
  • Bother them a lot.  If they’re mad you’re trying to get them to come party who cares.
Like we said, the reasons people don’t respond are because they want to know what’s going on.  Work with us and we’ll help you through the whole thing.


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

We’ve had a great year at ACBP and we’re thrilled to bring you great blog content to help you plan out and have a great time at your Atlantic City Bachelor Party.  As experts in planning bachelor parties, the blog gives us a great way to help make sure that your next bachelor party goes smoothly and you get everything you can out of AC.

With that, here’s the top 5 posts from 2010 according to where our visitors clicked.  Thanks!

5. Our 5th most popular post from 2010 deals with which pools in Atlantic City are the best for your bachelor party.

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4.  Our 4th most popular post helps answer the question of which type of fishing might be best for the party.

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3. The 3rd place post talks about bachelor parties and Harrah’s Casino in AC

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2. The number two spot goes to the best things to do at an outdoor winter bachelor party.

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1.  And, our number 1 spot talks about what else – strippers.  Not just any post, this one will help you figure out if you should go out or order your strippers in (hint: order them through us).

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There you have it, the top 5 bachelor party links of 2010.  We’ll keep bringing you great content in 2011 – just make sure you keep throwing amazing bachelor parties (which will happen if you book w/ us).


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

With all the snow on the ground, it’s easy to start day dreaming about Summer 2011 in Atlantic City.  Well, while we were day dreaming we took some notes and put down just some of the things we’d like to see in town this summer.  Bachelor parties are already amazing here, and these would just help that much more.

Again, an even better pool party – we mentioned it in our previous post:  Our Wishlist for Atlantic City in 2011, but it’s worth mentioning again.  Let’s go casino/hotels – let’s see some crazy partying at the pools.  Chelsea has stepped up as well as some others – let’s really blow it up for Summer 2011.

Beach Bar Blowouts – why are the amazing beach bars in AC not packed every minute of the day?  Let’s figure that out, and make it happen.  Bring a damn craps table and some slots out there too.  Wouldn’t it be great if your cabana at the beach bar had a slot machine?  Also, move them closer to the water (or put some baby pools there) – the goal should be to replace the experience of sitting on the beach, not to replace the experience of sitting in an inside bar.  Leverage the amenities (ocean) of where the beach bar is located.

Free Concerts on the Beach – when I was way too young I remember going to a free Beach Boys concert on the beach in Atlantic City with my parents.  Why’s this good for bachelor parties – because the only thing I remember about that concert was some lady showing her boobs to try and get on stage.  Free concerts bring fun people; fun people make for good bachelor parties.  Enough said.

Adult Convention / Parties – why does the annual Exxxotica convention happen in Edison, NJ after the summer?  Bring it to AC during the summer; let’s heat this town up with a great convention that will bring in the crowds.  They’d be happy to have it in AC – they keep almost getting kicked out of Edison.  

Easier Jet Ski or Boat Rentals – will someone please rent us a jet ski right off of The Deck at Trump Marina or off of the beach/boardwalk.  That damn marina is an amazing spot that’s underused.   While we’re at it – hey Borgata and Harrah’s – build a walkway and water amusement on the Bay right outside your hotels. 

Bikinis Everywhere – well, maybe not everyone – but please make the new summer uniform (indoors and out) bikinis.  It works at night at Harrah’s pool – why hasn’t Hooters switched uniforms yet?

Volleyball Championships – let’s get the women’s volleyball championships to AC this year.  Have you ever seen volleyball girls?  Plus, it’s a great warm up for the in‐room entertainment to see girls slapping each other’s asses after a point.

Hawaiian Tropic Anything – there’s a restaurant in NY and pageants across the world.  Let’s get either to Atlantic City this summer.

So that’s the start – what are your ideas for a great summer in Atlantic City?   AC has gotten a lot of great news lately and the above list would make it just that much better.


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

By now you’re hangover from New Years partying should be over and you’re ready to get back on the horse for the upcoming bachelor party you have in Atlantic City.   You had such an amazing time at New Year’s in Atlantic City that you’re wondering how the hell you’re going to top it all.

Well, don’t worry January offers plenty to do in AC and the best part is that because a ton of people are lying to themselves about new year resolutions, you’ll have less of a crowd to deal with.  Of course, some people are also trying to party and gamble to get over all the family crap they had to do during the holidays too – so the really fun people are there.

First off, check out the list of things to do outside during the winter at an AC bachelor party – that will get you started.   Besides those things you’ll also want to make sure you have the bachelor party standards set up (or contact us and we’ll do everything for you).  The best part about strippers during the winter months – they work much harder for your party because they are getting less work than during the summer.   Everyone wants girls that work harder to make the bachelor party great. 

AC also has some amazing parties going on during January.  You might of already missed Porn Star Sasha Grey at Harrah’s, but you’ll still be able to hit Steve Aoki at The Borgata.  He may not be in porn, but most of the girls that go see his show are hot enough to be in movies.    There’s plenty of great things going on in AC in January, just ask.

If you’re bachelor party isn’t till after January, at least get started working on the plans now.  The earlier you (and us) start working on planning the party – the better.  It takes a couple days or weeks to get the tigers flown in.


Don – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

We’ve already told you it’s the best weekend of the year for a bachelor party – now we’ll give you a little bit of exactly what’s happening in Atlantic City over Halloween weekend.  Yes, we’ve devoted a lot of posts, status updates, and tweets to bachelor parties in AC over Halloween – it’s because we know it’s worth it.

First you need a plan, and the best plan is to be here.  Take the train, get in your car, fly into the airport – whatever you have to do to make it into AC.  One thing you want to remember to pack is a costume, the second being alcohol for pre-gaming.   Your plans for the weekend should include stops in all the major places: Caesar’s, Borgata, Harrah’s, Tropicana, and Trump so you get a feel for what’s going on in and all around the city (and because there will be great parties everywhere). 

While just about everywhere will be having great parties – we have to hand it to the Borgata this year as they’ve rolled out what appears to be the best and most intense partying in Atlantic City for Halloween Weekend.   They’re calling it Borgata-Ween and you have to check it out right now.  If you like promotions like crazy celebrity hosted parties with insane music then you should be there.

Click here for all the parties in AC over Halloween Weekend.  

That being said, you’re going to have a great time anywhere you go.  Just make sure that your costume is the best one it can be, meaning you can still drink while you’re in it, and it’s flexible/soft enough that when you’re getting a lap dance it feels even better for the stripper to grind into it. 



Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Want to know one of our greatest little secrets?  Here it is: the absolute best weekend of the year for a bachelor party is Halloween weekend.  Not Labor Day weekend, not July 4th Weekend, not any other weekend of the year except Halloween weekend.

If you don’t know why Halloween weekend would be the best weekend of the year for a bachelor party than you’re really not thinking too hard so we’ll break it down for you.

Top Reasons Why Halloween Weekend is the Best Weekend of the Year for a Bachelor Party 

Costumes – Halloween weekend gives every girl the “permission” to get dressed up as slutty as they possibly can.  Don’t believe us – type “girl Halloween costume” into Google search and see what comes up.  Every costume is designed to be small, show skin, and fulfill every male fantasy out there.

Crowds – go out on a Halloween weekend and you’ll find that just about every place is packed.  Sure, this can be a pain if you didn’t get a VIP reservation ahead of time, but if you did it means that the place will be filled up with girls in slutty costumes.

Out Without Your Girlfriend/Wife – because it’s a “holiday” weekend if you try and just go out for a regular party night with your guy friends, your wife or girlfriend is highly likely to be severely pissed off and you’ll end up having to stay in, or not getting laid for months.  However, if you get to say, “I want to go out with you but I have to go out with just the guys because it’s a bachelor party” it won’t be your fault and she’ll be much less pissed off (at you at least).  BAM!   Now you can enjoy the benefits of the weekend without having every guy stare at your girlfriend/wife in a slutty costume too.

Promotion – because of the crowds, and because it’s a holiday weekend pretty much every club will be doing some kind of big promotion to try and attract the largest crowd. 

Group Costumes – because you’re going out with a whole bachelor party full of guys this means that you could really get some killer coordinated costumes and really stand out in the crowd.  May we suggest the Oompa Loompas (and bring the song on CD to the club and work out the synchronized dance beforehand), teletubbies, superheros, the thriller dancers, "official" mascot costumes like the ones in the pic at the bottom, or the Harlem Globetrotters.  Just remember that access to your mouth for drinking purposes is key.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg of reasons why Halloween weekend is by far the best weekend of the year for a bachelor party.  If you don’t believe us, just throw a bachelor party on that weekend and test it out – we’re sure you’ll be glad you did.   


Trick or Treat,
Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Atlantic City and Vegas - two great bachelor party destinations.  We love Vegas.  Let’s get that right out in the open before you go getting crazy.  We love Vegas, a lot.  That being said – we love AC a whole lot and we’re here to talk about why Atlantic City, NJ may be a better location for your bachelor party than Vegas.

Location – if you’re anywhere near the East Coast, AC is obviously cheaper for you to get to than Vegas.  Whether it’s a 2 or 6 hour car ride, AC is centrally located for East Coasters.

Cost – drink for drink and place by place, you’re going to find better prices to get drunk in AC (yeah, yeah, we know about the reallllll cheap ways you can pull it off in Vegas – we’re talking in general).  Also, it’ll cost you less to get into a club in AC, we know of places that have a $60 per person cover in Vegas. You won’t get nearly that high in Atlantic City.

Girls – in general there will be a lot more ridiculously hot girls in Vegas. However, none of them will talk to you.  If you want friendlier girls that are down to party – head to AC. 

Competition - the biggest reason AC is better for a bachelor party is because there will be less competition for your group.  Less competition for the best spot at the club, less competition for the best spot at the bar, less competition to get into the best spots first, less competition to attract the funnest group of girls to hang, less competition in general for everything that would make your party great.  You won’t be dealing with nearly as many competing parties and other people who are there trying to take up all of the things that will make it a great time for you.

Like we said, we love Vegas (and have a great business out there too) but for the reasons listed above we think AC could be a better idea for your upcoming bachelor party.  Check us out at Atlantic City Bachelor Party for more ideas and plans to make your AC Bachelor Party great.



Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Lots of people ask us for ways to save money on a bachelor party.  Luckily, we’re experts in that area and usually can help them find a ton of ways to watch their costs and still get the most amazing experience.   One of the ways you can probably do this on your own – using casino promotions.

You probably already have heard of the word comps and you’re wondering how to get them.  One of the most important things to know about getting comps is that they’re given out very differently depending on what casino you’re in.   We don’t want to get sued so we won’t say which one is better than the other (because their formulas are all complex and hidden so we just know what we think – not what’s fact) but we can show you how to come up with your own guesses.

Check out the casino promos section on AC Weekly which lists all the latest casino promotions. It gets updated (the link is for a specific week) based on the latest promos so be sure to check it out for what might suit you best.  

Unfortunately, we’re still a little upset that no casino has offered to give out strippers as comps – but maybe one day.   Also, you can work with us to find out ways to save and remember that the Borgata has their nightlife rewards program that rewards you for your nighttime activities…. BAM!

Later –
Dan – Atlantic City Bachelor Party Packages