The renovations are complete at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City and they are amazing!  Walking into that place now is like walking into a completely new casino and hotel and it’s still insanely affordable so it makes a great bachelor party destination.

They have completely outdone themselves and you can tell from the moment you step inside.  Not one area of the whole place has not been redone and there is an energy in the air that’s exciting.   It’s one of the very few places in AC that has the complete package of pools, marina, outdoor bars, music places, great food places, clubs and every kind of gaming you could want.

Our particular favorite is the late night eats at Lillie’s Noodle Bar – but that’s only after jumping around from place to place all within the Golden Nugget

Again, the best part is that while they’ve completely renovated, they’ve kept it completely affordable.  They’re not trying to gouge customers and you get so much for your money it’s ridiculous.  Check it out.


Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

It's the first day of May and that could only mean one thing - the start of Summer AC Bachelor Parties.  What better way to start off a bachelor party than on the beach having a cold drink.  

Well, starting May 18th, you'll be able to enjoy the Trump Beach Bar and kick your Atlantic City Bachelor Party into high gear.  

We've written about the Beach Bar before here:

Bachelor Party on the Beach - The Beach Bar at Trump Plaza Just Got Even Better

Atlantic City Bachelor Parties at the Beach Bar

So, get your crew ready for May 18th and start picking out which guy will be responsible to find the lucky girl to apply the bachelor's suntan lotion.

Mike - Atlantic City Bachelor Parties

Yes, Hooters is throwing it's big swimsuit pageant in Atlantic City on May 24th and the Tropicana wants to give you a great deal on partying there.

What more could you ask for at a bachelor party?  Call us and find out.  Who knows, maybe we'll even help you arrange a more private swimsuit pageant for just your bachelor party.

Check it out, sure to be a great time and a perfect option for a Thursday night start to the AC Bachelor Party Weekend.

Don - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Sometimes the smallest change can make all the difference in the world.  In this case, that great difference for your bachelor party will hopefully be coming soon to the pools and party areas of Atlantic City. 

Gambling in your swimsuit in Atlantic City

Extending the gambling and partying at the Quarter in Tropicana

Those two new announcements out of AC Casinos show how they’re working hard to make your bachelor party even better.   What’s one of the biggest problems with any bachelor party – keeping the group together.  Some people want to dance, some want to drink, some want to gamble, and some want to…. well, we’re not going to say.  Well, with these two new potential changes, you’ll be able to do even more all in one spot. 

It won’t be long before every casino starts to think about how to make each experience even that much better.  


Dave – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

It's summer and that means the pool parties are in full force.   We know which ones we think are best but we want to hear from you (and you, and you and you).

So, send us your thoughts on which is the best pool party in Atlantic City so far this year.  We'll give out a list next week letting you know our thoughts.

Dave - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

It’s baaaaccckkk.  The Beach Bar at Trump Plaza opens on May 27th this year and is bringing even more fun to the beach this summer by remaining open and turning from Beach Bar by day to Beach Bar at Night.  That’s right, the Beach Bar will be open till 3AM this summer so make sure your bachelor party plans include a stop at one of the city’s only truly outdoor clubs.

We’ll have a full write up for you once it opens and we’ve had time to watch the scene heat up but how could you possibly go wrong partying from 11:30AM till 3AM?  Over 12 hours of partying is the only real way to call it a fun bachelor party.

Put your sunblock on early and then just dive in the ocean to rinse it off once the sun goes down.  Our only real advice: when you get the urge at 3AM to go swim in the ocean… don’t – until you have 3 girls for every guy with you. 

Bachelor Party on the beach,
Don – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

This summer the Atlantic City daytime party scene is going to be epic.   That being said, you don’t need to wait till summer in order to have a great daytime pool party added onto your bachelor party.  Lucky for you, most of the hotels and casinos have pools that you could party at anytime of the year (ask us which ones are best).    The best pool parties involve a few key things, and where you take it from depends on just how crazy you want to get.

First things first, you want to make sure that the pool you want to go to is open.  This isn’t a problem during the summer – but when it’s cold out you want to make sure you know where to go.  Also, you’ll want the pool to be open long enough to have fun, and you don’t want to be listening to babies cry as they touch the water so you’ll want to go to one that primarily caters to adults. 

For your bachelor party you’ll also want to use pool time as a chance to pre-game for the night’s festivities so you’ll most likely want to bring a cooler – or at least make sure that they serve drinks at the pool.  Worst case scenario – know where the house phone is at the pool so you can call room service and convince some guy to bring you a bottle of vodka poolside.

The good part about casino hotel pools is that generally it’s a place that the female guests of the hotel like to hang at during the day.   Typically they’d rather sit by a pool rather than in the casino – so your bachelor party should have no problem embarrassing themselves in front of some bikini clad cuties all day long.   Send the guy who actually works out in your group over to invite them to your lounge chairs for drinks.

Some of the pools have cabanas you can enjoy as well and if there’s a game on TV there’s nothing better than sitting back and having one foot in the pool, one hand on a drink and one hand on a remote, while your new female guest massages your back because she lost a bet about something funny or stupid.

The pool’s also a great way to recover from the night before and doing a couple quick dunks between the hot tub and a cold pool can get you back in drinking shape very quickly.

Just do us a favor, do not under any circumstance do the Caddyshack trick.  No one wants to shut down the pool while they clean out your Baby Ruth.

Don’t forget the arm floaties,
Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party 

With summer over many bachelor parties think they’re not going to be able to hang out at the pool and fight their hangover the next morning.  Well, not to worry – there’s still plenty of pools that are open in Atlantic City that are always about 80 degrees and perfect for nursing that hangover – by drinking a large amount more poolside.

Our favorite pools during the winter months are at Harrah’s, the Borgata and the Water Club.   All the pools are indoors, all serving drinks and all in amazing places to stay even without the pool.   There’s a couple more around AC and those are good too, because how could a pool that’s open during the winter be bad.

Get wet! 
Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party Package Pro

We’ve done plenty of posts on Atlantic City Pools but we’ve never told you how to best prepare.  We wanted to make sure you were as ready for your Atlantic City Bachelor Party as possible so we figured we’d talk about it now. 

The most important thing about a bachelor party at a pool is to pick the right pool.  Our previous posts above will help but the “scene” does change so work with us to get the best recommendations.   After you pick the right pool it’s about relaxing.  The best way to do that is with some kind of cabana service or at the very least waitress service.   You don’t want to spend your time standing at the bar instead of catching up with the bachelor.

After you got that figured out make sure you don’t get raccoon eyes (wearing your sunglasses while your face gets burnt) and drink some water every now and again – it’ll be a long day.  

The best part about hanging at the pool during the day is that if you have buddies coming in at different times you don’t have to figure out some central meeting place – the pool becomes it.

Get wet, find a group of girls that want to enjoy getting wet and have some fun in AC pools.

Don't forget the arm floaties or rubber duck floats - you can never go wrong with rubber duck floats at a bachelor party, pool or not.


Dan – Atlantic City Bachelor Party



 We've already talked about how AC (in particular the Borgata) is going to convince you to stay over Sunday for your bachelor party.   Well here's more details about the Sunday party at the Water Club (also, see our previous post on the Water Club).   

Direct from their press release:
Introducing: SUNBAR – Poolside at The Water Club  On Sunday, June 27, SUNBAR at The Water Club debuts as Atlantic City's most sought-after open-air poolside event. Each Sunday when the sun begins to set, fashionable crowds will merge poolside at this outdoor nightlife destination, for sultry nights with a vibe inspired by the social hotspots in Miami's South Beach.  Lounge to the sounds of the resident DJ, party with friends in a cabana and indulge in Chef Geoffrey Zakarian's culinary delicacies and signature cocktails.  SUNBAR pool parties are the ideal setting to enjoy summer Sundays by the shore.  SUNBAR will also be open to the public every night of the week as an extension of The Sunroom lounge starting Memorial Day weekend for cocktails and light bites."

You already know you should be there.   Just plan the bachelor party around it now.  

Brian - AC Bachelor Party