The renovations are complete at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City and they are amazing!  Walking into that place now is like walking into a completely new casino and hotel and it’s still insanely affordable so it makes a great bachelor party destination.

They have completely outdone themselves and you can tell from the moment you step inside.  Not one area of the whole place has not been redone and there is an energy in the air that’s exciting.   It’s one of the very few places in AC that has the complete package of pools, marina, outdoor bars, music places, great food places, clubs and every kind of gaming you could want.

Our particular favorite is the late night eats at Lillie’s Noodle Bar – but that’s only after jumping around from place to place all within the Golden Nugget

Again, the best part is that while they’ve completely renovated, they’ve kept it completely affordable.  They’re not trying to gouge customers and you get so much for your money it’s ridiculous.  Check it out.


Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

So, you’re looking for a good way to get the bachelor party started on a Saturday.  Well, you could head over to the Spiked Brunch being offered by Phillips Seafood on July 28th at Noon.  5 courses of food, drinks, and the 3rd floor of Caesars Pier, a great start to your AC Bachelor Party indeed.

It’s also the weekend of the AC Food and Wine Festival – lots more reasons to get to AC.  So, get over there and start the day right.  The beach bars are right next door so I think you know your next stop after brunch.


John – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Def Leppard and your Atlantic City Bachelor Party, a perfect combination.  Head over to Ovation Hall at Revel on July 14th for the Def Leppard concert, and picking up all the big hair groupies after the show. 

Who doesn’t want a bachelor party that involves constantly repeating the phrase “pour some sugar on me” to girls (or having them repeat it to you.)

Revel also has Journey on August 11th and Duran Duran on August 25th.


Don – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

If you think you want to have your bachelor party on Fourth of July weekend in AC, you better get planning three months ago.  OK, right now might help.  

Atlantic City has all kinds of amazing things happening that weekend and here are just a few.  We'll be back later with a full prep guide.  But seriously, you need to have this planned already - contact us.

July 7th
Pauly D at Harrah's
Kanye West at Ovation Hall, Revel
HQ Nightclub Opening Weekend at Revel

It's seriously going to be sick.

Don - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Resorts is rolling out the red carpet for a Classic Car Show during the day then the Cage Fury Fighting Championships at night on June 30th.  Besides looking at great cars and great fights these are two great alibis for what happened at your Atlantic City Bachelor Party that you can actually talk about.   Who cares if the rest of the night you spend trying to race on the backs of homeless guys down the boardwalk or seduce the girls at the club – all you’ll have to say you did was go to the car show and fights.

Plus, the fights feature somebody called “the strangler” – anything with the name “the strangler” in it needs to be a part of your bachelor party.  I’m sure if the best man slips him 100 bucks he’ll end up coming out with you guys for the rest of the night.  Who wouldn’t want to party with that guy.


Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

The Golden Nugget is hosting Asylum Fight League on June 16th.  Not only did they just spend over $150MM renovating the property and making it amazing, but it’s on the water (with an outdoor deck at the Marina) and they brought you guys kicking the shit out of each other.  Yeah, good work.

So – get your bachelor party in gear and head to the Golden Nugget for the fights.  It’s at 8pm so that’s the perfect time to watch the fights and have the rest of the night to start your own AC Bachelor Party Fight Club.  First rule of fight club, there is no fight club.  Sounds very close to the motto of what happens at a bachelor party.


Mike – AC Bachelor Party

Atlantic City has a lot of great comedy stuff going on at any time.  Whether it’s the Borgata Comedy Club or the Comedy Club at the Tropicana you can always find a show for the bachelor party.  However, pretty often AC gets some really great acts and they’re sure to make your AC Bachelor Party that much better.

For instance check out Artie Lange and Chris Tucker at the Borgata.  Tickets are on sale now and both guys are amazing.  You’re probably missing Artie since he left the Howard Stern show and what better way to go connect with him again.  Artie’s show is August 25th and Chris’s is September 2nd.  Who knows, maybe Chris will even bring Jackie Chan with him.

Not only will it be a great time at either show – it’s the perfect alibi for what you did at the bachelor party.


Dave – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

If you thought that Atlantic City was going to be an amazing place for your summer bachelor party, then you are wrong.  It is going to be the best fu*&ing place on the planet for your Memorial Day Weekend Bachelor Party and most likely the rest of the summer.

If you take a minute to look at all of the things going on at the Revel's Memorial Day Premiere Weekend as well as the lineup at the Borgata you'll probably want to punch yourself and make sure you're not dreaming.  

Yeah, there are amazing things happening at Harrah's and other places too - but we have to give this year's title to Revel and the Borgata for Memorial Day. 

DJ's, food fairs, drink specials, block parties, burlesque, pool parties, helicopter robots from space (ok, we made that one up) and just about everything else you would want - like Beyonce', Afrojack, Fedde Le Grand and more all converge on AC this weekend.   

Most importantly - PLEASE ignore the Kim Kardashian party (we won't even say where it is).  We really don't want her to get any more publicity - so please don't go to that - be a real man for your bachelor party.

Good luck surviving, you'll need it.

Mike - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Recently the Tropicana went through a major re-haul of one of its nightlife venues so you could have a better place to hang out when the rest of the clubs close at your bachelor party.  That place... Anthem Lounge.  

So, if you're still alive at 3am of your AC Bachelor Party, and if you're not you suck, then head on over and party with the rest of the after hours crowd (the fun crowd) at Anthem.  It's in the Quarter at Tropicana - right where 32 degrees used to be.

Dave - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

It's the first day of May and that could only mean one thing - the start of Summer AC Bachelor Parties.  What better way to start off a bachelor party than on the beach having a cold drink.  

Well, starting May 18th, you'll be able to enjoy the Trump Beach Bar and kick your Atlantic City Bachelor Party into high gear.  

We've written about the Beach Bar before here:

Bachelor Party on the Beach - The Beach Bar at Trump Plaza Just Got Even Better

Atlantic City Bachelor Parties at the Beach Bar

So, get your crew ready for May 18th and start picking out which guy will be responsible to find the lucky girl to apply the bachelor's suntan lotion.

Mike - Atlantic City Bachelor Parties