Resorts is rolling out the red carpet for a Classic Car Show during the day then the Cage Fury Fighting Championships at night on June 30th.  Besides looking at great cars and great fights these are two great alibis for what happened at your Atlantic City Bachelor Party that you can actually talk about.   Who cares if the rest of the night you spend trying to race on the backs of homeless guys down the boardwalk or seduce the girls at the club – all you’ll have to say you did was go to the car show and fights.

Plus, the fights feature somebody called “the strangler” – anything with the name “the strangler” in it needs to be a part of your bachelor party.  I’m sure if the best man slips him 100 bucks he’ll end up coming out with you guys for the rest of the night.  Who wouldn’t want to party with that guy.


Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

It’s baaaaccckkk.  The Beach Bar at Trump Plaza opens on May 27th this year and is bringing even more fun to the beach this summer by remaining open and turning from Beach Bar by day to Beach Bar at Night.  That’s right, the Beach Bar will be open till 3AM this summer so make sure your bachelor party plans include a stop at one of the city’s only truly outdoor clubs.

We’ll have a full write up for you once it opens and we’ve had time to watch the scene heat up but how could you possibly go wrong partying from 11:30AM till 3AM?  Over 12 hours of partying is the only real way to call it a fun bachelor party.

Put your sunblock on early and then just dive in the ocean to rinse it off once the sun goes down.  Our only real advice: when you get the urge at 3AM to go swim in the ocean… don’t – until you have 3 girls for every guy with you. 

Bachelor Party on the beach,
Don – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

We’ve already done one post on planning Memorial Day Weekend Bachelor Parties and here’s the follow up information on what specific things you should be doing to make sure your celebrating Memorial Day in true style.

Here’s the list of things you need to incorporate into the party:

  • First and most important – American Flag Suits. Buy them here
  • A bag full of American Flag bikinis to give away to every girl your group passes
  • American Flag condoms (seeing a theme yet)
  • Fireworks – you can’t buy them in NJ so get them right over the bridge in PA or wherever you’re coming from.  It’s illegal to light them off on the beach – but we won’t tell.
  • Rope lights, a battery pack and high power laser pointers to make yourself an outfit for the club (click to see)
  • A portable grill
  • A hide the hot dog contest with the strippers
  • Slip N Slide & K-Y jelly
That list should get you started.   If you can’t have a good time on a summer weekend, with an extra day off, in America’s playground with beaches, casinos, clubs and everything else you probably don’t deserve to celebrate Memorial Day anyway.


Dave – Atlantic City Bachelor Party 

Summer is quickly approaching and that means the beach bars will start popping up.  We did a quick post last year’s main beach bar outside Trump Plaza, but this year promises to bring even more options – as well as an outside beer garden at Caesar’s that’s REALLY close to the beach.

So, as you’re making your bachelor party hotel plans make sure to think about your daytime, outside drinking options.  Nothing says bachelor party like bikini clad servers, sun and drinking outside.

Need suggestions – contact us and we’ll make sure you know what to do.

Dave – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

If you’re bachelor is a huge fan of the outdoors, you’re probably wondering how to work in some outside activities into his winter bachelor party.    Then you start to look up the weather for Atlantic City and realize that winter in AC is a little bit cold during certain months.  So, we’re here to tell you that even though it’s cold outside, you can still find plenty of outdoor activities to make the bachelor party great.

Fishing – the party boats may be docked but the deep sea fish still are waiting for you to come and haul them in.  You may think it’ll be cold on a boat in the middle of the ocean – but with enough whiskey even the coldest days are toasty.

Surfing – you’ll need a really good wetsuit, but winter brings some massive waves to the Jersey Shore.  Don’t blame us if you didn’t use a thick enough wetsuit.  Have your friends waiting on the beach with Asian massage girls to rub your body warm again. 

Snowball Fight – yeah, why the hell not?  If it’s snowing, get your big group together and get a snowball fight going.   Use the benches and other stuff along the boardwalk as forts and set up a winter version of a paintball game.   When’s the last time all your friends we’re together and you could have a snowball fight?

Bonus List:  Sledding off of the boardwalk or casino ramps in the snow, polar bear plunge in the ocean (great cure for a hangover), and taking bets on which car driving down the street will slide off the road or get stuck in the snow.

Besides the list above, outdoor winter activities in Atlantic City are great because no matter what your beer doesn’t get warm.   Plus, the cops will have a lot harder time chasing you down the side streets as you have to run away.


Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party Packages

No, we’re not talking about a bad party – we’re talking about getting a little adventurous in Atlantic City by taking the bachelor party Windsurfing.   Extreme Windsurfing in Atlantic City, NJ offers windsurfing and kitesurfing rentals and lessons so you can try and kill yourself from something other than drinking.

We’re sure the other guys and groom will thank you when you plan at least one activity that they can tell their families back home they did.  Plus, the guest’s wives and girlfriends will be so worried about the extreme sports that they’ll forget to ask about strippers and binge drinking.  

Bachelor Parties in Atlantic City offer a wide variety of things you can get a group to do and this is just another example of one that you may not think of right away that we can help you with.   We’re just not going to be there when you throw up because you decided to do it on day 2 after a night of drinking instead of day 1.

Man up, convince the group this is a good idea and bring your swim trunks so you can help send the bachelor off windsurfing and hope the wind carries him out to sea never to be seen again.

Dan – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

So the bachelor party is coming up and you're trying to think of at least one activity to do that you can tell everyone back home about.   The tough part is the activity needs to be good enough that it's worth talking about and crazy enough that people think it was the highlight of the weekend.   Little do they know the real highlight was....  Well, here's an idea you can write home about - skydiving.  Exciting enough to make you wet your pants, yet something you can talk about at work.

New Jersey (NJ) has a ton of places to skydive but the real question is which place is close enough to Atlantic City that it makes sense for your AC Bachelor Party.  We'll give you two.

Skydiving Atlantic City

Skydive Atlantic City

Do us a favor, if you're going around the same time we are - don't throw up while you're freefalling.  It gets real messy on the ground when the bachelor throws up going 120mph a mile in the air.

Brian - Atlantic City Bachelor Party 

Did you know that the streets in the game monopoly are based on the streets of Atlantic City, NJ?   Using that little bit of information and some bachelor party creativity you can make yourself one hell of a legendary Atlantic City Bachelor Party.

We're willing to give you the first couple rules, but we'll reserve some of the more intense and interesting rules for when we work with you directly.  One note, when someone asks you where you came up with this idea, which let's face it - is the best idea of your life, please don't forget who told you first.

How it's played:

  • You'll be playing all around town and not sitting around a board game, so be prepared.  It’s best played as a day activity since you want to save night time for the other bachelor party ideas
  • Decide who is going to be which character, get appropriate costume. Yes, the racecar should dress up as a car (or driver) and the thimble should have a ridiculous thimble looking hat covering their face the entire game.
  • Working in a few small teams is usually the way to go
  • Someone needs to be the banker (usually the best man because you'll be controlling the game) so he'll have to dress up in a suit with tails, a top hat and most important - the mustache.
  • When someone "lands" on free parking all the guys chip in to immediately send him to an Asian massage place.  We'll tell you what free parking is later.
  • Instead of money you'll be "paying" for things by downing the appropriate number of beers.
  • Want to buy a hotel – just finish the right amount of beers, in each of the bars in one certain location (just think about how many bars are in the Tropicana alone – that casino is worth a lot)
  • Community Chest – we’ll let you use your imagination for what kind of chest we mean in our bachelor party version
  • Someone go to one of your properties after you’ve already “bought” it – they’ll pay you by doing shots that you choose for them
That’s just the beginning – it’s incredibly simple once you get going and a ridiculously fun way to start your Atlantic City Bachelor Party.  Contact us and we’ll plan your entire AC Bachelor Party, as well as tell you the remaining Monopoly AC Bachelor Party secrets that will blow your mind.  If you don’t – don’t pass GO and don’t collect your 200 dollars. 

Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

 We've already talked about how AC (in particular the Borgata) is going to convince you to stay over Sunday for your bachelor party.   Well here's more details about the Sunday party at the Water Club (also, see our previous post on the Water Club).   

Direct from their press release:
Introducing: SUNBAR – Poolside at The Water Club  On Sunday, June 27, SUNBAR at The Water Club debuts as Atlantic City's most sought-after open-air poolside event. Each Sunday when the sun begins to set, fashionable crowds will merge poolside at this outdoor nightlife destination, for sultry nights with a vibe inspired by the social hotspots in Miami's South Beach.  Lounge to the sounds of the resident DJ, party with friends in a cabana and indulge in Chef Geoffrey Zakarian's culinary delicacies and signature cocktails.  SUNBAR pool parties are the ideal setting to enjoy summer Sundays by the shore.  SUNBAR will also be open to the public every night of the week as an extension of The Sunroom lounge starting Memorial Day weekend for cocktails and light bites."

You already know you should be there.   Just plan the bachelor party around it now.  

Brian - AC Bachelor Party
Just in time for summer, it's the invasion of the beach bars in Atlantic City.   The biggest and longest running... The Beach Bar at Trump Plaza.    

We've talked about AC Pools (here and here) and how great they are for bachelor parties.  The Beach Bar in summer is an even better idea.  The waitresses are hot (and they HAVE to talk with your group), the drinks are cold and you're already on the beach!   

Walk outside Trump Plaza, cross the boardwalk and you're in business.  If you're looking for a good daytime idea for your bachelor party - look no further.

Just don't go in winter.  

Brian - Atlantic City Bachelor Party