The renovations are complete at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City and they are amazing!  Walking into that place now is like walking into a completely new casino and hotel and it’s still insanely affordable so it makes a great bachelor party destination.

They have completely outdone themselves and you can tell from the moment you step inside.  Not one area of the whole place has not been redone and there is an energy in the air that’s exciting.   It’s one of the very few places in AC that has the complete package of pools, marina, outdoor bars, music places, great food places, clubs and every kind of gaming you could want.

Our particular favorite is the late night eats at Lillie’s Noodle Bar – but that’s only after jumping around from place to place all within the Golden Nugget

Again, the best part is that while they’ve completely renovated, they’ve kept it completely affordable.  They’re not trying to gouge customers and you get so much for your money it’s ridiculous.  Check it out.


Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

The Chelsea is a great property in AC that really goes out of its way to make sure and give party goers every type of atmosphere and vibe possible.  Whether it’s a Miami style pool party, a quiet drink in the library, a major club feel in the open night air, or dancing by a fire place the Chelsea offers it all. 

The best part is that there’s no gambling floor to lose your group on.  Don’t you hate trying to get your bachelor party together to go out to the club and then everyone splits up to different casino tables while you’re trying to walk to the club.  Well, that’s no problem at the Chelsea – they’re all about the party.

Check them out, see the different parties going on each week at the Chelsea AC here, and get ready for day life and night life.


Don – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Resorts is rolling out the red carpet for a Classic Car Show during the day then the Cage Fury Fighting Championships at night on June 30th.  Besides looking at great cars and great fights these are two great alibis for what happened at your Atlantic City Bachelor Party that you can actually talk about.   Who cares if the rest of the night you spend trying to race on the backs of homeless guys down the boardwalk or seduce the girls at the club – all you’ll have to say you did was go to the car show and fights.

Plus, the fights feature somebody called “the strangler” – anything with the name “the strangler” in it needs to be a part of your bachelor party.  I’m sure if the best man slips him 100 bucks he’ll end up coming out with you guys for the rest of the night.  Who wouldn’t want to party with that guy.


Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

The Golden Nugget is hosting Asylum Fight League on June 16th.  Not only did they just spend over $150MM renovating the property and making it amazing, but it’s on the water (with an outdoor deck at the Marina) and they brought you guys kicking the shit out of each other.  Yeah, good work.

So – get your bachelor party in gear and head to the Golden Nugget for the fights.  It’s at 8pm so that’s the perfect time to watch the fights and have the rest of the night to start your own AC Bachelor Party Fight Club.  First rule of fight club, there is no fight club.  Sounds very close to the motto of what happens at a bachelor party.


Mike – AC Bachelor Party

If you haven't been to AC lately, you've been missing out on the enormous amounts of construction going on throughout the city.  Thanks in part to the Revel deciding to open its doors, the other properties in the city have decided to invest in making their locations that much better.

The ultimate winner in all of the AC renovations - you!  Newer guest rooms, better clubs with new sound systems and bars, better bars, better dining, new pools and pool parties, new lounges, more casino games... if you name it, someone has probably renovated it.

The largest renovations have been happening at The Borgata, the Golden Nugget Atlantic City, and the Tropicana.  Oh yeah, and there is the 2.4 billion dollar project called the Revel.  

Yeah, I think it's time you made it back to AC and booked that damn bachelor party.  It's a great excuse to say 'no, we're not going for the bachelor party, we're going to check out all the new renovations'.  

Mike - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Take a look at this recent job posting flyer from Revel.  If you didn't think this was going to be an amazing place for your Atlantic City Bachelor Party, you're dead wrong.

They're explicitly calling most of their positions in the nightlife group "model...".  Yup, they're making sure that while you're down there having the time of your life in an amazing resort you'll be also admiring not only the resort itself, but its employees.

"Models that serve," thank god they learned something by watching Ocean's Twelve (it was a line in the movie dummy.)  

Thanks Revel - we can't wait till the nightlife kicks off and if you're wanting to have a bachelor party here make sure to contact us for everything.  We'll even bring the models... oh wait, the Revel has that covered.

Don - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Yes, Hooters is throwing it's big swimsuit pageant in Atlantic City on May 24th and the Tropicana wants to give you a great deal on partying there.

What more could you ask for at a bachelor party?  Call us and find out.  Who knows, maybe we'll even help you arrange a more private swimsuit pageant for just your bachelor party.

Check it out, sure to be a great time and a perfect option for a Thursday night start to the AC Bachelor Party Weekend.

Don - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Dear Revel,

We’re very excited about your soft opening tomorrow.  While we’ve been already fortunate enough to spend a day inside, we’re very excited about what April 2nd means for you and Atlantic City in general.

Do us a favor though: keep trying.  You’ve come this far and made an amazing breathtaking resort, keep pushing the boundaries everyday to make it even better.  Sure, we know you’ll have your first couple of months or even up to a year of really figuring things out and making sure you’re operationally perfect. 

We’re talking about not letting go of all of the energy and focus you’re putting into the launch.  If you’re not having acts as big as Beyonce two years from now, we’ll be upset.  If you’re not actively out spreading the message about AC and Revel three years from now, shame on you. 

For all of you out there reading our blog and wondering if this place will be a great place for a bachelor party.  Well, I don’t know about you but anyplace with all of this seems like a great bachelor party place: amazing restaurants, a great casino, cool places to see a show, a burlesque club, tons of other bars, an in & out pool, cabanas, a private beach, a four story nightclub, and hopefully to make it really right in AC, because it’s the group that made it so big in Vegas… daylife!   Yes, we think Revel Bachelor Parties are going to be amazing. 

Now for our request to you bachelor party guys:  The Revel has upped their game and all of AC’s as well as every other place tries to respond and build off of this place – so step up your game as well.  The other great places in AC will still be great to go to and now it’s up to you – the “I want the best bachelor party in AC weekend/week of anyone’s life” crowd that should really plan out and be ready to have the best bachelor parties ever. 


Dave – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

The Revel is set to open in Atlantic City on April 2nd.  It won't be in shape enough to have a bachelor party there - but if you start scouting things out then you'll be sure to know where to stumble around when you throw a bachelor party there this summer.

Let's face it, most people are planning summer bachelor parties right now, and taking your party to the newest resort in AC would look really good for style points.

Revel is sure to be going all out to make sure it's guests are happy and having a great time.  That being said, every other resort in AC is probably thinking the same thing to make their guests happy with a new place opening in town too.  It's a win win for any bachelor party this summer.

In the meantime, read more about the Revel in Atlantic City here and just be sure to not throw up on their new carpets while you're there.  I don't think they'll like that.

Nick - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

There are a million reasons to do a bachelor party in AC, but here are the latest 3 reasons you need to start planning your Atlantic City Bachelor Party:  Revel, Hard Rock, and the Golden Nugget.

Those 3 casino hotels have been stepping up their game and making sure that very shortly (and now for the Golden Nugget’s case) you’ll have a great place to party in AC.   Golden Nugget is open and has been re-vamping itself for months now (you can check out the status here) and Revel is opening this summer.  The Hard Rock may be a while away from opening but if you start planting the idea of AC now and you’re buddy doesn’t get married for a while it’ll be here for you when you eventually do the bachelor party.

So, no matter when the bachelor party is coming up – start planning now.  AC keeps getting better, you just need to get here to enjoy it.

Party On,

Dave – Atlantic City Bachelor Parties