No, we’re not saying you should go to the Madonna concert in AC.  What we are saying is you might want to think about having your bachelor party then because tons of women will be going to that concert so you’ll have an even better chance of getting some girls that really want to party to hang out with your crazy group of bachelor party friends after the show.  Sept. 15th in AC.  Let us know – we’ll schedule your Madonna stripper show while the actual show is going on so you’ll be ready when everyone else gets out.

Look up a couple song names from Madonna so you can say you’re a fan too, they’ll like that. And if any of the girls say to you that their favorite song is ‘Like a Virgin’… move on.


Nick – AC Bachelor Party 

The renovations are complete at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City and they are amazing!  Walking into that place now is like walking into a completely new casino and hotel and it’s still insanely affordable so it makes a great bachelor party destination.

They have completely outdone themselves and you can tell from the moment you step inside.  Not one area of the whole place has not been redone and there is an energy in the air that’s exciting.   It’s one of the very few places in AC that has the complete package of pools, marina, outdoor bars, music places, great food places, clubs and every kind of gaming you could want.

Our particular favorite is the late night eats at Lillie’s Noodle Bar – but that’s only after jumping around from place to place all within the Golden Nugget

Again, the best part is that while they’ve completely renovated, they’ve kept it completely affordable.  They’re not trying to gouge customers and you get so much for your money it’s ridiculous.  Check it out.


Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Def Leppard and your Atlantic City Bachelor Party, a perfect combination.  Head over to Ovation Hall at Revel on July 14th for the Def Leppard concert, and picking up all the big hair groupies after the show. 

Who doesn’t want a bachelor party that involves constantly repeating the phrase “pour some sugar on me” to girls (or having them repeat it to you.)

Revel also has Journey on August 11th and Duran Duran on August 25th.


Don – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Sure, it’s not the usual nightclub crowd, but that’s exactly why you might want to make sure to hit the Phish concert as part of your Atlantic City Bachelor Party - June 15-17th.   Instead of having your bachelor party compete with a bunch of other guys at the club, why not hit the Phish concert and find a bunch of festival going girls that want to party.

It’s a good excuse to get away and party too.  No honey, we’re not going for the bachelor party – we’re going because the groom really loves Phish and we want to support him.  Ha.  Hey, we can even get strippers delivered to the concert for you if you really want.  That makes any concert better.


Nick – AC Bachelor Party

If you thought that Atlantic City was going to be an amazing place for your summer bachelor party, then you are wrong.  It is going to be the best fu*&ing place on the planet for your Memorial Day Weekend Bachelor Party and most likely the rest of the summer.

If you take a minute to look at all of the things going on at the Revel's Memorial Day Premiere Weekend as well as the lineup at the Borgata you'll probably want to punch yourself and make sure you're not dreaming.  

Yeah, there are amazing things happening at Harrah's and other places too - but we have to give this year's title to Revel and the Borgata for Memorial Day. 

DJ's, food fairs, drink specials, block parties, burlesque, pool parties, helicopter robots from space (ok, we made that one up) and just about everything else you would want - like Beyonce', Afrojack, Fedde Le Grand and more all converge on AC this weekend.   

Most importantly - PLEASE ignore the Kim Kardashian party (we won't even say where it is).  We really don't want her to get any more publicity - so please don't go to that - be a real man for your bachelor party.

Good luck surviving, you'll need it.

Mike - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

It's the first day of May and that could only mean one thing - the start of Summer AC Bachelor Parties.  What better way to start off a bachelor party than on the beach having a cold drink.  

Well, starting May 18th, you'll be able to enjoy the Trump Beach Bar and kick your Atlantic City Bachelor Party into high gear.  

We've written about the Beach Bar before here:

Bachelor Party on the Beach - The Beach Bar at Trump Plaza Just Got Even Better

Atlantic City Bachelor Parties at the Beach Bar

So, get your crew ready for May 18th and start picking out which guy will be responsible to find the lucky girl to apply the bachelor's suntan lotion.

Mike - Atlantic City Bachelor Parties

This summer Metallica is bringing a 2 day music festival to Atlantic City.  If you're into music and the tons of acts and events they have planned you've just found yourself a great part of your AC Bachelor Party.  If you're not into any of those things or Metallica, you've just found yourself a great alibi for all the stuff you will be doing in AC that weekend.

Either way, the festival is going to bring a ton of people, energy and fun to AC and bachelor parties are sure to benefit from the excitement.  

So, get ready for June 23-24 and make sure at least someone in your group stops by and gets some t-shirts for everyone to help with the alibi.

Check out the story here: Metallica and Atlantic City Music Festival 

Don - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

It’s cold out, you might get snowed in, you don’t want to go outside, you’ve had to endure hours of Christmas shopping with your fiancé – all perfect reasons to have your Atlantic City Bachelor Party in December.

Sure, things on the East Coast slow down a little bit in winter compared to summer, but that just means there’s more to do inside.  When you’re talking about multiple major casinos all right next to each other then there are plenty of great reasons you want to be inside.

There’s less crowd during the winter in AC so you’ll be able to party better and it’ll cost you less.  Plus, the girls get into a very giving spirit around the holidays because they want to let loose and party too.

So, throw your bachelor party in AC during December and take advantage of all the extra presents the hotels, clubs and casinos want to give you.  Just make sure everyone thinks you’re nice while you’re really being naughty.


Dave – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Like we told you last year in “The Best Weekend of the Year for a Bachelor Party” (check it out for even more great reasons why), Halloween is the perfect time for a bachelor party.  If you want to make sure you’re doing it right, start making your plans now. 

Halloween in Atlantic City is amazing and will make your bachelor party that much better.   Start working on a good group costume idea for all the guys in your party and have the guys start getting the pieces they need to make it.  Also, start finalizing your plans because Halloween gets packed in AC – which is even more reason you want to be there.  

While the casinos haven’t started telling you all their plans yet, we can clue you in on some of the best places to be and make sure you’ll have the best spot available, call us.

Trick or Treat,

Dave – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Bally’s Wild Wild West Casino hosts major beer pong games every Friday night.  What a great way to start off a bachelor party weekend than with a big beer pong tourney where you and your friends can take down teams from all over.  Oh yeah, when you win you can win a ton of cash too.

The $30 dollar registration fee per team includes beer, the beer pong kit and the chances to win cash prizes.  Hmmmmm, sounds like a bachelor party no brainer to us.   Easy decision and we didn’t even tell you about the girls (they call ‘em Vixens) that dance on top of the bars all weekend long.

Besides all that their super cheap menu of drinks like $2 beer and shots will keep the party’s spirits up for even longer than you might last in the tourney.

House Rules,

Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party