2012 has come and is now gone.  It was a wild ride for Atlantic City for sure with everything from the Revel opening to Hurricane Sandy.  

Through it all we brought you the best bachelor parties you could imagine.

We've been taking the last few months to revamp a bunch of stuff in the office and so we haven't been posting here as much, but we've still been having tons of fun with bachelor parties in every part of Atlantic City you could imagine.

If you're looking forward to a 2013 bachelor party in Atlantic City we'll be here and we'll make sure everything goes smooth.

Just for fun we also looked back at what was the most popular blog post of this past year and as you would guess - it was about strippers.  I mean, who wouldn't of guessed that.   Anyway - check out this year's most popular post (Atlantic City Strippers: In Your Hotel or At The Strip Club - How to Decide) and also you can click on any of the categories on the right hand side of the page and be taken to posts with content on those topics (like Atlantic City Strippers).

Have a great new year.  Let's start planning your 2013 Atlantic City Bachelor Party and get your but to AC.

Atlantic City Bachelor Party

After taking a couple weeks to recover from the summer there's nothing better than jumping right back into bachelor party mayhem in Atlantic City with an Oktoberfest celebration.  That is unless of course that Oktoberfest party is kicked off with a craft beer festival the night before.

This weekend the Golden Nugget is throwing a craft beer festival saturday night and then a killer Oktoberfest party noon-6 at the Marina.   If you like beer, sausage and frauleins (that's from my high school German class, I hope it means girls) then head on over and kick off the fall bachelor party season the right way.

Don - Atlantic City Bachelor Party


Labor Day 2012


Labor Day Weekend 2012 is basically here and if you don't have your AC Bachelor Party plans then you better get to it.   Atlantic City is going to be ridiculous this weekend and with this being the Revel's first Labor Day Weekend you can bet they and all the rest of the casinos in town are going to try and outdo each other.

Major DJ's, beach parties, endless specials - it's all going down this weekend.

Finalize your plans now or you'll be waiting in a four hour line outside of everywhere.

John - AC Bachelor Party

Bachelor party strippers can make or break your whole bachelor party experience.  If you get the right strippers (hint: that's us), it’s going to make the party that much wilder, more memorable, and add to the fun that you and your friends talk about for many years to come.  

However, if you get the wrong ones, here’s just a sample of the bad things that can happen (all based on true stories from parties – that we experienced before we started this company or from parties that didn't use us):
  • ugly girls will show up
  • you’ll spend the rest of the night (and more) in an extremely bad mood
  • everyone at the party will hate you 
  • the girls will be very very late
  • you’ll pay much more than you expect 
  • you’ll lose lots of money
  • they don’t know where to go in AC so you spend most of your time giving them directions to your hotel
  • if you don’t keep paying extra the girls leave immediately
  • the girls don’t get naked
  • they don't bring any toys, have any games, no music and just sit there boring
  • you were promised some girl from a picture on a website but she doesn't show up (this always happens – practically no one ever brings the actual girl – they out right lie to you because they think when we show up who’s going to really turn away a stripper since the party already started)
  • the girls are really just escorts and don’t do a ‘show’ they just want to know who wants ‘extras’
  • you could get kicked out of your hotel 
  • permanent or at least semi-permanent ‘reminders’ from the night like STD’s or marks (that the groom’s future wife sees)
  • the stripper could find out who the groom is, find him online, then try and blackmail him because she also found his future wife online

Yes, this and many more bad things happen when you try and get strippers from somewhere that isn’t a reliable business.  Sure, that guy on the corner or random ad in a newspaper sounded good – but how do you know they’re trustworthy.  Yes, using a reputable business to bring you the hottest strippers is important.

Many bachelor party strippers in Atlantic City or anywhere are only in it for a short period of time and don’t care whether or not they ever see you again. In fact, they hope you won’t see them again because they’re most likely going to try and scam you.   That’s why you need to make sure you use a group you can trust and that has been doing this for years and is around for the future.

When hiring your bachelor party strippers pay attention to the following:
  • is it a real, trustworthy looking company
  • are the strippers working for themselves (more frequently scams) or working for a company
  • can you tell if they've been around longer than a few weeks or months
  • is the price you’re quoted the price you end up paying – no hidden fees
  • what happens if you cancel the party before the actual day
  • do they get full nude
  • do they bring music, have sex toys, have games to play and have a lot of fun with everyone
  • do they do games or a show with each other if there’s more than one girl
  • are they usually on-time
  • do they have enough girls that they’re not rushing immediately out of your party to go to the next one
  • do they know your area, do they do a lot of business in your area 
  • is there someone that can handle any problem w/ the girl that arises and is in charge of the girls

There are just a few tips.  When you use our Atlantic City bachelor party strippers we do all the good stuff and more.  Contact us and let’s make your bachelor party great.
Yes, you should be treating your bachelor party strippers right because the right ones will treat you right and make your bachelor party an amazing success.  Just make sure you’re being smart and going with the right bachelor party strippers because the wrong ones are dangerous.

Don – Atlantic City Bachelor Party 

Bachelor Parties in AC should thank Resorts and Jimmy Buffett.  The two groups just announced that starting next summer there will be a Margaritaville paradise in AC.

Check out the announcement here and while this announcement is great it also means the rest of town is going to again step up its game.

The real winner - your bachelor party.

Dave - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

No, we’re not saying you should go to the Madonna concert in AC.  What we are saying is you might want to think about having your bachelor party then because tons of women will be going to that concert so you’ll have an even better chance of getting some girls that really want to party to hang out with your crazy group of bachelor party friends after the show.  Sept. 15th in AC.  Let us know – we’ll schedule your Madonna stripper show while the actual show is going on so you’ll be ready when everyone else gets out.

Look up a couple song names from Madonna so you can say you’re a fan too, they’ll like that. And if any of the girls say to you that their favorite song is ‘Like a Virgin’… move on.


Nick – AC Bachelor Party 

The renovations are complete at the Golden Nugget in Atlantic City and they are amazing!  Walking into that place now is like walking into a completely new casino and hotel and it’s still insanely affordable so it makes a great bachelor party destination.

They have completely outdone themselves and you can tell from the moment you step inside.  Not one area of the whole place has not been redone and there is an energy in the air that’s exciting.   It’s one of the very few places in AC that has the complete package of pools, marina, outdoor bars, music places, great food places, clubs and every kind of gaming you could want.

Our particular favorite is the late night eats at Lillie’s Noodle Bar – but that’s only after jumping around from place to place all within the Golden Nugget

Again, the best part is that while they’ve completely renovated, they’ve kept it completely affordable.  They’re not trying to gouge customers and you get so much for your money it’s ridiculous.  Check it out.


Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

So, you’re looking for a good way to get the bachelor party started on a Saturday.  Well, you could head over to the Spiked Brunch being offered by Phillips Seafood on July 28th at Noon.  5 courses of food, drinks, and the 3rd floor of Caesars Pier, a great start to your AC Bachelor Party indeed.

It’s also the weekend of the AC Food and Wine Festival – lots more reasons to get to AC.  So, get over there and start the day right.  The beach bars are right next door so I think you know your next stop after brunch.


John – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Bill Cosby is bringing his comedy show to Atlantic City on July 27th, at Harrah’s.  It’s a good alibi for your bachelor party, but also a way to crack up laughing at Dr. Huxtable before getting into too much trouble. 

If you bring an ugly Cosby sweater from the 80’s you could get in free, but we’re not guaranteeing it.  But hey, you could probably pay for the whole bachelor party once you sell your newly autographed Cosby sweater on Ebay.


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Def Leppard and your Atlantic City Bachelor Party, a perfect combination.  Head over to Ovation Hall at Revel on July 14th for the Def Leppard concert, and picking up all the big hair groupies after the show. 

Who doesn’t want a bachelor party that involves constantly repeating the phrase “pour some sugar on me” to girls (or having them repeat it to you.)

Revel also has Journey on August 11th and Duran Duran on August 25th.


Don – Atlantic City Bachelor Party