The night before Thanksgiving is usually a huge party night for just about every bar and club in the world.  That's because no one has to work the next day and for the most part anyone that would be going out to a bar or club doesn't have to do anything the next day.

What does this mean for your bachelor party - DO IT tonight.

Why wouldn't you want to be in Atlantic City with thousands of other people partying their buts off because they don't have to do anything tomorrow.

Hurry, the night is still young.

Mike - Atlantic City Bachelor Parties

Teachers all around the tri-state area have off today for the annual teacher convention.  What that basically means is that tons of female teachers head towards Atlantic City (yeah, the Convention has workshops there so it looks legit) and really just spend all their time partying.

Thursday and Friday night of this weekend are an amazing time to have a bachelor party because while Atlantic City is already an amazing spot for a bachelor party - you now have thousands of teachers that have been locked up inside classrooms just looking to party and let loose.

So, if you were thinking about whether or not to head down and throw a quick Atlantic City Bachelor Party - stop thinking and GO!

Hot for teacher,
Dave - Atlantic City Bachelor Party