Just a quick follow up to our last post.  We think December Bachelor Parties are great because of the costume possibilities (not to mention it's the only time of the year you can start singing a Christmas Carol in a crowded bar and folks will join in).

Well, to further enhance your experience and educate you in how to do it right, we thought we'd point you to one of the best events out there in terms of doing the Santa thing right.

Take their wisdom, ideas and carol song books and incorporate them into your December bachelor party.

There's not an "official" one in Atlantic City yet.... notice we said YET.  Start it.

Don't forget your Santa bag,
Mike - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

What better month to celebrate a bachelor party than December.   Atlantic City is all decked out in its best holiday decorations, the casinos have great promotions going on, and most of all - girls are just waiting to sit on Santa's lap.

Based off that last comment you must know what we're gonna say next.  Throw a Santa-theme bachelor party in December in Atlantic City and you'll be sure to find out who's on the naughty list.

There's no better feeling than being in a Santa suit as you throw back shots of Jack and throw the hard ways all day on the craps table.  Imagine that, then times it by 12 which are all the guys in the party.

Hey, maybe just the groom is Santa and the rest of the party are elves and reindeer.  The possibilities are endless.

So, contact us and throw the best damn holiday bachelor party you've ever dreamed of.

Ho Ho Ho (yeah, you'll find those too),
Mike - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Eat the turkey, stuff the stuffing in your face then get down to AC for a 3 day weekend bachelor party.  We know you probably have off that Friday for Thanksgiving and besides standing in line on Black Friday morning there’s really nothing else you should be using your 3 day weekend (minus Thanksgiving Day) for other than a crazy bachelor party in Atlantic City.

We did some research and found out that the first Thanksgiving was actually one of the first recorded bachelor parties ever and was in fact a celebration of one of the pilgrim’s marrying some hot Indian woman.  So, the group started the 4 day bachelor party with a big meal and bringing everyone together to share stories and try to convince the groom not to go through with it.  

Take a cue from the pilgrim’s and throw a multi-day party complete with everything that makes a bachelor party great.  We know that if the pilgrim’s and indian’s had to do it over again they’d head down the east coast to Jersey and party it up in Atlantic City.

If you want to make it a real Thanksgiving bachelor party, may we suggest the following:  shot races with shots of turkey gravy, pin the tail on the turkey (the turkey being the strippers and the tail being stickers of the bachelor’s face), giving thanks (by praying to the porcelain god), and lots of family (the kind of family you actually want to spend a couple days with – your friends).

If all else fails just make sure that anytime the bachelor says gobble gobble someone goes and gets him a beer.

Gobble, Gobble,

Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party



So you’re wondering what to do in Atlantic City this weekend.  Well, here’s our short list of great things going on that you’ll want to try and hit.   Actually – it’s a very short list this weekend because we’re so excited for this one event that by the time you stop partying – it should be Tuesday.

Saturday night – Mixx Nightclub:  Go and celebrate Steve Aoki’s birthday.  If you missed Steve kill it at Mur.Mur a couple weeks ago at their Monday night party then you’ll really want to make sure you make it to this one.   If you follow his twitter you’ll also know he’s really looking forward to it and it’s surely gonna be a great party.

P.S. – if you’re trying to catch him before he goes on he’ll probably be playing at the craps table or the poker room.



Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party




In this post we’ll help you save money by looking at your bachelor party package budget and one of the main areas that drives the overall cost – the place to stay.  Don’t worry, we think where you stay can be important, so we won’t just say stay at the crappiest place you can find – 10 miles outside of town.

Instead, here are 4 ways to save money on your overall bachelor party package costs:

Timing – saving money is all about timing.  Want to do it in the middle of summer or a holiday – expect to pay more.  Instead, focus on off-season times and when there are fewer crowds.  In Atlantic City you can always find great hotel and casino room rates but winter is when some of the best rates get released. 

Discounts – Anybody in your group from the military, anyone in Triple A, anyone have comps?  Make sure to check with the entire group that may be going to the bachelor party before you go to book the rooms.   Don’t forget to look for group rates or the group planning office too if you’re gonna need more than 3-4 rooms.

Calling – We think online hotel reservation sites are amazing (see next list item), but if you did find some discounts within the group, or you’re a very smooth talker, try giving an actual call to the property you want to stay at.  You’ll be able to get more firsthand info. on other ways to save for your trip, what weekends might be cheaper, or just use your charm to convince the agent on the phone to lower your rate.

Online – check everywhere online.  The hotel or casino websites are a good place to start but don’t forget about the specialty sites like Expedia or Kayak.   After you’ve checked those and have a good idea – head over to Priceline or some of the other hotel room discounters to see if you could score even cheaper rates.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to saving money on rooms for your AC Bachelor Party.  The best way to make sure you’re going to save the most money is to keep doing your homework and looking and then when you think you’ve found a good deal – lock it in.


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party 

We've done posts about Sunday bachelor parties before - check them out here - and if you think that Sundays take a break in the winter, you're wrong.   Sunday Funday goes all year long.   

While there are plenty of parties in AC on Sundays, the leader this winter appears to be the Borgata and their Sunday party.  They give away things, they bring in big DJs and they keep the crowd partying all Sunday long. 

So, before you finalize your bachelor party plans (with us) make sure to get the group to stay over a Sunday and party it up.

Dan - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

If you’re bachelor is a huge fan of the outdoors, you’re probably wondering how to work in some outside activities into his winter bachelor party.    Then you start to look up the weather for Atlantic City and realize that winter in AC is a little bit cold during certain months.  So, we’re here to tell you that even though it’s cold outside, you can still find plenty of outdoor activities to make the bachelor party great.

Fishing – the party boats may be docked but the deep sea fish still are waiting for you to come and haul them in.  You may think it’ll be cold on a boat in the middle of the ocean – but with enough whiskey even the coldest days are toasty.

Surfing – you’ll need a really good wetsuit, but winter brings some massive waves to the Jersey Shore.  Don’t blame us if you didn’t use a thick enough wetsuit.  Have your friends waiting on the beach with Asian massage girls to rub your body warm again. 

Snowball Fight – yeah, why the hell not?  If it’s snowing, get your big group together and get a snowball fight going.   Use the benches and other stuff along the boardwalk as forts and set up a winter version of a paintball game.   When’s the last time all your friends we’re together and you could have a snowball fight?

Bonus List:  Sledding off of the boardwalk or casino ramps in the snow, polar bear plunge in the ocean (great cure for a hangover), and taking bets on which car driving down the street will slide off the road or get stuck in the snow.

Besides the list above, outdoor winter activities in Atlantic City are great because no matter what your beer doesn’t get warm.   Plus, the cops will have a lot harder time chasing you down the side streets as you have to run away.


Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party Packages

We would like 2 minutes of your time - just 2 minutes.  The voting has begun for ACWeekly’s  2011 Nightlife Awards and while we have our own thoughts on who should win in each category for this past year we’re not going to try and sway you – except on 1 of the questions.  Hell, we don’t even care if you only put in a vote for this one category (you can just fill in the one category - not every one).   

So – we’re asking you to please (pretty please) vote for us in the category of:  z: Best promoter (list person and/or agency)  (yup, it’s at the very bottom of the list, we’re all the way down at letter Z).

Click on the link here – fill in “” for Z: Best Promoter (if you want to fill us in for letter X: Place to have Bachelor Party do that too – in addition to Letter Z).   Send us a screen shot of you doing it and we’ll hook you up next time you’re in AC.


Please, and thanks!

Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party 

We’ve already started getting emails and phone calls from best men looking to plan a bachelor party for the early months of 2011.  We have one thing to say to you – GENIUS!   That’s right – the earlier you start to plan, the better it could go.  Sure, we’ve pulled off great parties with a week only notice – but when you give yourself more time you can really find some amazing ideas and the best possible deals that will make the bachelor party the craziest party you’ve ever imagined.

Even though you’re starting with a great amount of time you’ll want to make sure to focus on some key things first.  Focusing on the guest list and the dates of the party first will really set you up to know exactly what you’re getting into and what type of bachelor party package will best suit your group.

Of course, one of the first things you want to do is ask the bachelor what type of things he has in mind for the party.  This will give you an idea of the types of activities you should be thinking about – but in our experience, in order to make it a great party you want to be sure to go miles beyond what the bachelor says (unless he’s been to one of our parties before).  

As you start to work with the bachelor to develop a guest list you’ll want to make sure to break the list up into at least two parts: the VERY close friends (the ones you’ve seen mug a homeless guy ) and the casual friends (who the bachelor doesn’t want to  see the craziest shit that happens).   When you have this list you’ll now know if or how you’ll have to segregate nights or activities of the party (or better yet, convince the bachelor that he shouldn’t invite folks he doesn’t want to have around while he’s getting crazy). 

As you work on planning next year’s bachelor parties it’s never too early to contact us to help plan the most amazing bachelor party ever.   Plus, the earlier you plan, the more time we have to help you train a tiger to do tricks at the bachelor party.



Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

So the greatest weekend of the year for a bachelor party is over.  Atlantic City was amazing this year with tons of parties, prizes, promotions, and pumping (of the fists at JWoww's guido Halloween bash.   

Now that Halloween is over it's time to gear up for late fall and for throwing a Thanksgiving Bachelor Party.   What does a Thanksgiving Bachelor Party entail - well, we want to hear from you first.  Best ideas on our blog, facebook, twitter, etc. will win prizes.   We're looking for great ideas on bachelor parties, Thanksgiving weekend in Atlantic City (there's days off involved so we know it'll be crazy) and whatever else you can come up with.

Mike - Atlantic City Bachelor Party Packages