We want to hear your crazy and insane bachelor party ideas for this Thanksgiving.   The best story will win a bachelor party all on us.

Use the form to submit your ideas (through the comments section).  The best, as judged by us, wins.

Judged on originality, use of AC, and overall adherence to bachelor party type ideals.

Gobble Gobble,
Mike - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

If you’ve been tying your bachelor party to the stock or housing markets, you’re probably wondering if you’ll ever be able to throw the bachelor party you’ve been imagining.  Luckily for you, Atlantic City is a great destination for being able to have a truly insane time, while only spending a reasonable amount of money.

First thing to do is check out “budget” section by clicking the link on the right side.   You’ll find a lot of ideas in there.  The second best thing to do is use a professional bachelor party planner (hint: that’s us) and a bachelor party package so you can be sure to get the best knowledge about AC and not overspend on something you really don’t need (for instance a limo to get around AC).

Saving money means doing things that will get you the biggest bang for your buck.  What clubs have the best bottle and VIP prices, what hotels have the biggest rooms with the smallest prices, which restaurant gives you the most food on your plate?  All easy questions for us.

In the spirit of saving money though, here are some of our top hints:

  • You don’t need a suite, if you really want one check out the House of Blues Suites
  • You don’t need a limo or party bus if it’s just within AC
  • You don’t want to hire girls out of the yellow pages
  • AC buffets are amazing – and you can eat all you want
  • Pre-game
  • You can drink for free all night in any major casino by …. (oh wait, that’s a secret one we only tell our parties, so work w/ us)

Don’t worry – you can still throw a ridiculous bachelor party and put together a great party package for everyone for only a little bit of money. 


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Like we told you last year in “The Best Weekend of the Year for a Bachelor Party” (check it out for even more great reasons why), Halloween is the perfect time for a bachelor party.  If you want to make sure you’re doing it right, start making your plans now. 

Halloween in Atlantic City is amazing and will make your bachelor party that much better.   Start working on a good group costume idea for all the guys in your party and have the guys start getting the pieces they need to make it.  Also, start finalizing your plans because Halloween gets packed in AC – which is even more reason you want to be there.  

While the casinos haven’t started telling you all their plans yet, we can clue you in on some of the best places to be and make sure you’ll have the best spot available, call us.

Trick or Treat,

Dave – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

So, you want to create a bachelor party that’s so insane and memorable that all the guys from the party share updates and pics all over Facebook.

Hey stupid!  What happens at the bachelor party, stays at the bachelor party.  You need to explicitly make sure that NO ONE tries and update anything or anyone that isn’t there.   Sure, take some pics – but lock them away till you need blackmail on some of your friends.

You still need to throw an insane party, but it will only get really insane if everyone knows that no one will be sharing it or talking about it to anyone else.

Keep it to yourself,

Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Two great spots along your pub crawl on the Pier at Caesar's have closed.  Game On and Trinity Irish Pub abruptly closed their doors a couple days ago.

So, now more stops for drinks and no more mechanical bull.  

The Pier is supposed to go up for auction most likely this month and let's just hope it's new owners have plans for a 3 story club with jet skis you can rent out with your VIP table.

Dave - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

We're practically out of here already for the weekend gearing up for some big parties in AC, like we hope you are too. 

We'll still be here to take your partying requests and will be fully operational by the time we recover Tuesday but in the meantime we just wanted to wish you a happy labor day.  

Good luck this weekend -  do it up right.

Mike - Atlantic City Bachelor Party