We've all heard of lounge acts that are ultra cheesy and ridiculous to watch and listen to.  Well, AC has a couple of those too, but mostly you'll find great entertainment to keep you interested while you get to the drinking.

We're not saying you should hang out in a casino lounge all night - unless you're on a cougar hunt for day 1 of a 3 day bachelor party; but, we are saying they're good places to stop along the drinking path through the hotel.

So, to get up to date info. on what's happening in the lounges and clubs all over town, check out AC Weekly's section on entertainment.  It'll make sure you know where to go to see what you want to see for the non-naked stripper portion of the bachelor party.

Dan - Atlantic City Bachelor Party Packages

Lots of people ask us for ways to save money on a bachelor party.  Luckily, we’re experts in that area and usually can help them find a ton of ways to watch their costs and still get the most amazing experience.   One of the ways you can probably do this on your own – using casino promotions.

You probably already have heard of the word comps and you’re wondering how to get them.  One of the most important things to know about getting comps is that they’re given out very differently depending on what casino you’re in.   We don’t want to get sued so we won’t say which one is better than the other (because their formulas are all complex and hidden so we just know what we think – not what’s fact) but we can show you how to come up with your own guesses.

Check out the casino promos section on AC Weekly which lists all the latest casino promotions. It gets updated (the link is for a specific week) based on the latest promos so be sure to check it out for what might suit you best.  

Unfortunately, we’re still a little upset that no casino has offered to give out strippers as comps – but maybe one day.   Also, you can work with us to find out ways to save and remember that the Borgata has their nightlife rewards program that rewards you for your nighttime activities…. BAM!

Later –
Dan – Atlantic City Bachelor Party Packages


Seinfeld’s making his way back to the Borgata on Oct. 2nd for two shows.  Last time we saw him there we didn’t stop laughing for a couple days – and we hadn’t even been drinking yet.  

We don’t usually make recommendations about hitting a specific event or person in AC but for him we have to make an exception.  It was that good!   

Plus, it’s a win-win.  You’re at the Borgata for the Seinfeld show – you can hit the early show and then hit the tables and clubs later on to continue the partying.  Not to mention, girls love this guy so when you’re trying to pick up a girl later on in the club and you say you went to Seinfeld earlier you’re in.

Nick – AC Bachelor Party

With summer over many bachelor parties think they’re not going to be able to hang out at the pool and fight their hangover the next morning.  Well, not to worry – there’s still plenty of pools that are open in Atlantic City that are always about 80 degrees and perfect for nursing that hangover – by drinking a large amount more poolside.

Our favorite pools during the winter months are at Harrah’s, the Borgata and the Water Club.   All the pools are indoors, all serving drinks and all in amazing places to stay even without the pool.   There’s a couple more around AC and those are good too, because how could a pool that’s open during the winter be bad.

Get wet! 
Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party Package Pro

People often ask us what type of transportation they need for their Atlantic City Bachelor Party, our answer – taxi.   AC has everything close enough together that no matter where you’re going between you’re only going to be driving for about 10-15 minutes at most.

Save the money you would spend on party buses and/or limos and spend it on drinks and girls.   If you’re looking for transportation into or out of town then that’s a different story (check out the ACES train or ferry) where a limo or party bus could be great, but you don’t need it just for getting around Atlantic City itself.

That being said – we have helped plan and throw some amazing parts of a bachelor party that included a limo ride with certain other activities and a party bus full of strippers and midgets.  If you want to step up your party to a whole new level and include a limo or bus – plan it with us and we’ll make sure you get full advantage of your travel in town.


Dan – Atlantic City Bachelor Party Package Pro


We want you to have all the money you can to throw at strippers so we’ll give you some pointers about how you can keep your bachelor party package budgets under control.   We’ve done some previous posts on budgets for your bachelor party so be sure to check them out as well.

The first good thing you’ve got going for you is that you’re doing the party in Atlantic City, NJ.  AC is an amazing place that won’t break the bank.   Sure, NYC is fun – but the $18 dollar drinks in every bar aren’t and Vegas is amazing – but the $40 dollar lap dances suck.   In Atlantic City you’ll be able to pull off a bachelor party without the super expensive drinks or outrageously priced dances.  

The key part about keeping you bachelor party package budgets under control is to approach it as a package.   If you work with the right planner (hint: that’s us – the bachelor party planning pros) you’ll be able to get package deals on things instead of buying everything individually.   Why do you think everyone orders the value meal at McDonald’s, because it’s cheaper than buying everything individually.  So, if you want to throw a great bachelor party that still is very affordable make sure to try and book things together through one provider, or just call us and say “give me the number 3”.

Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Parties

If you want to ensure that what happens at the bachelor party stays at the bachelor party then you should make sure to do some key things up front to make sure people stay quiet.   If all the key things listed below fail, just kill everybody at the end of the bachelor party.

The main thing to remember is that keeping a bachelor party quiet starts long before the bachelor party starts.   It starts with the guest list, it starts with where you go and it starts with putting the ground rules out there before you even leave for the trip.

If you have a big mouth in your group – or a guy that is wayyyy too close to the bachelor’s fiancé then you probably shouldn’t bring him along if it’s going to get crazy.   Just make sure to schedule it somewhere he won’t be able to go or a date he can’t make.   

If you want to keep things quiet for your bachelor party – don’t do it in your neighborhood bar where the bride’s family hangs out.   Go out of town – way out of town where and when you’re sure you won’t run into anyone.

Before you leave on the trip make sure to put some lines in your emails about the party and how you can’t wait to party it up with a group and include those cheesy lines – remember what happens at the bachelor party stays at the bachelor party.  Make a sort of joke out of it if you don’t want to address it directly, but just make sure it’s been said.

Finally – if you really want to make sure that what happens in Atlantic City stays in AC make sure you create a really good story about what happened.  We include an example in our Bachelor Party iPhone app, but feel free to come up with anything.  Just make sure everyone’s story is the same before you leave and put on your best acting face when you get home and tell people.  Only the guys from the party (and that donkey the bachelor violated) will ever know what really happened.


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Long live the bachelor party!  Sure, summer is a great time to throw a party but weddings happen all year so you’ll have to throw bachelor parties all throughout the year too.   The beach bars are closed, but more people are staying indoors and as any hunter knows when your prey is centralized in one place you have an easier shot.   For the idiots that didn’t get that last reference what it means is – there’s more girls in one place so you and your party have a better chance of hooking up while you’re partying.  It’s also where the term shooting fish in a barrel comes from.

Anyway – in case you’re worrying about crowds, don’t.  Atlantic City is not your typical jersey shore town that shuts down for the nine months of the year outside summer.  AC gets crowded all throughout the year and there’s great partying even in the dead of winter.

The other great part about it not being summer: you’ll want to save every summer weekend for the stuff you can’t do throughout the rest of the year.  When you do a bachelor party during the fall or winter, chances are that you’ll have less other competition for what to do that weekend.

So – summer may be over and AC might be a shore town, but the bachelor party must go on.  Luckily, after summer is a great time to throw the party too and you won’t even notice it’s winter (except for making the bachelor streak and do a midnight dive into the freezing ocean).

Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party  

Want to throw a great bachelor party in AC, get to know more about Atlantic City itself as well as what makes a bachelor party great.   It’s the perfect combination of knowing and having tons of bachelor party ideas (thankfully there are a ton included in this blog – but not nearly as many as we can help you with) with knowing that great New Jersey shore town of AC. 

We’ve been throwing and planning bachelor parties in AC for well over 10 years and we’d be happy to help you increase your overall AC Bachelor Party IQ.  You don’t have to use us, we just figure it’ll be a lot easier than you spending the next 10 years and thousands of hours of research to figure out what’s best.

What will you get when you increase your IQ (or hire us) – better ideas, ways to save money you never would think of, ways to save time planning, the best places to stay, the best things to do during the days, nights and late late nights, and just about every and anything you could imagine would be better if you do the right amount of homework.

So, get to work.  Start reading, searching, calling, emailing, pulling together spreadsheets of costs and ideas, looking up events, finding a copy of the AC yellow pages…. The list goes on and on.  OR - oh yeah - did we mention – you could just contact us.



Dan – Atlantic City Bachelor Party Packages and Planning

That’s right – we love when it rains at a bachelor party.  No, we’re not talking about the stupid stuff Mother Nature spits on us, we’re talking about making it rain while the strippers are dancing for your party.  You’ve probably heard the phrase before but if not we’ll explain what “making it rain” means.

The phrase “making it rain” was popular in ancient Egypt as a way to punish... ok, we’re just f-ing with you.  Making it rain means throwing a crap load of dollar bills (or higher if you got it) in the air and watching it gently glide down from the sky and float past a beautiful naked girl dancing for you.  

Why is this important to know for your bachelor party?  Well, after thousands and thousands of painstaking research we’ve found that tipping naked strippers makes them happy.  That’s right – it’s almost as amazing as E-Mc2 but girls that get naked for money, like it when you tip them more money. 

So, if you’d like your favorite dancer to stick around longer while you’re enjoying a bachelor party stripper fest – keep tipping.  Whether it’s making it rain, blowing leaves or shooting the eye of the hurricane the more tips they see the better.  Contact us to plan the party and we'll give you a ton more of our obvious and not-so-obvious tips to make your party great.

Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party Packages