Pauly D, Samantha Ronson and Big Al.  What more could you want from Labor Day Weekend in AC?   

This weekend AC is going to be insane.  Having just come off a hurricane and a earthquake, everyone heading to AC is sure to be looking to party hard.   Plus, the casinos were shut down for a couple days so they'll be looking to make sure you have an even better time this weekend to make up for it.

So, get ready to blow it away this last weekend of the summer.  AC is great all year long but summer is extra magical.  Come and celebrate it with us.  

Plus, if you miss Big Al's Dance Party Sensation you know you're going to hate yourself the next day.  WOW - Big Al - let's do this. Ha.

Dave - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Want to see a Baywatch Babe dance burlesque for your bachelor party?  Head over to Bally’s AC for their iCandy Burlesque show in the Blue Martini Lounge.   That’s right – Angelica Bridges of Baywatch fame will put on a show for you and the bachelor party in hot burlesque fashion.

Burlesque is starting to take off in Atlantic City and the best part is if your groom is against having other entertainment at the bachelor party – this is a happy medium.   “We went and saw a show” sounds a lot better to a bride to be for her groom to be. 

So, head on over to Bally’s Atlantic City – there are 3 shows a night, on weekend nights, full of tassel swinging fun.  


Dave – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Most bachelor parties we throw can easily be described as hurricanes that swirl into AC for the weekend and then rush out with a path of destruction in their wake. 

This weekend promises to be no different for Atlantic City since Hurricane Irene is making it's way to AC's shore.

Casinos are closed, everyone's being evacuated and we can't help but think - wow, this would be one hell of a party!   

We know the party must go on, so we've already moved all our weekend parties to Philly and other places.  We were tempted to try and put something together in AC but the idea of hot naked strippers being washed out to see just made us feel bad because that would mean less hot naked strippers in the world.

P.S. - in case it wasn't clear - stay the hell away from AC this weekend, everything's closed.

Come on Irene!
Bob - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Beer festivals and bachelor parties go together like beer festivals and bachelor parties. Thanks to the new folks in town at the Golden Nugget on September 17th and 18th weekend you’re going to be able to enjoy 2 different beer festivals on each of the different days. 

Saturday is the Craft Beer Tasting with over 200 varieties and food and live entertainment for only $49 bucks.  Come back on Sunday for Oktoberfest and join the beer maidens on the outside deck to drink Oktoberfest style.

Like we said when the Golden Nugget took over, we’re excited for what they’re gonna bring to AC and this is just another example of them stepping it up for your visit to town.

Check out the full description now and make sure your bachelor party package includes a stop here.


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party


Huge Weekend in AC


It's gonna be an amazing weekend in Atlantic City this weekend, probably the busiest of the summer based on all the crowds on their way to town. 

Make sure to contact us for plans and hurry up!


Bachelor parties can range from super cheap to super expensive.  If a friend of yours owns a fleet of helicopters and your other buddy happens to be in an open relationship with 12 strippers then you pretty much can throw an amazing party for free.  For the rest of us, here’s some specific ideas for how to throw a cheap bachelor party.  Let’s be clear too: cheap bachelor party doesn’t mean low quality.  In fact, what we should call this is – where to spend a lot and where to spend a little on your bachelor party.  Also, because we’re focused on Atlantic City, some of the ideas will be specific to AC.

Things to Save Money On At A Bachelor Party

Transportation – limos and party buses are great – but basically you’re overpaying.  Now, we don’t mean that in all cases but in Atlantic City’s case – everything is pretty much next to each other and/or you’ll be able to do everything you ever wanted all within one of the great hotels.   Once you step inside the Borgata or Harrah’s (and some others) there is no need for transportation anywhere.   Also, limos and party buses mean you’re on a schedule.  This isn’t work time – this is fun time so being on a schedule shouldn’t be part of the plan.   Cabs can get you anywhere in AC quickly and are always waiting at the front door of the hotel.

Drinks – buying a bottle or many bottles for a VIP nightlife package may seem like a lot of money at first, but a little quick math proves this is the best idea you can have.  A drink at a good club can easily be 10 bucks.  Multiply that by how many every member of your party will drink that night and it can be very expensive.  Have you ever measured how many drinks you can get out of 1 bottle – lots!  So, buy a bottle – this is the saving money reason to do it – not to mention all the other perks of VIP.

 Girls – get a reputable provider who tells you all the costs up front and doesn’t have any hidden fees.  When you get a quote make sure that includes the stripper show and isn’t just a fee for them showing up to your place and if you want them to get naked it’s more money.  Yeah, that happens with many of the lower quality and shady providers that spring up in classified ad sites and yellow pages.

Planning – the more you plan the more you’ll know about where to go and what to do.   Is 250 bucks a night a good price for that hotel room?  You won’t know unless you compare a couple places and times – do your planning.  Also, the further you plan ahead of time the better.  Everything works on supply and demand and as it gets closer to your party the supply goes down, demand goes up and therefore price goes up.  The VIP that used to cost 300 is now 700 – it happens, book early and avoid it.

Things Not to Save Money On At A Bachelor Party

Same list as above – yeah, we think you should try and save money wherever you can.  However, don’t be an idiot and think you’re going to get everything for free or near it.  Extremely hot girls, or the most popular clubs, or the best hotels have 1,000 people just waiting to take your spot on their calendar.  The best thing you can do is work with us and plan and book early to make sure you’re getting the best deals

Anything for the Bachelor – he’s the reason you’re here, he’s the one on the way to get married.  Make sure everyone in the party knows that it’s their job to make sure the bachelor has a great time and in most cases doesn’t pay for anything.   Then, make sure he knows the same thing when it’s your turn to play bachelor.

Steak – eat a good steak if you’re going to make a steak dinner part of the festivities.  Don’t have a “formal” dinner if you aren’t going to splurge on the best steak you can find.

There you have it, some good things to think about when you’re trying to figure out how to save money at a bachelor party.   The best thing for you is that you’re looking into an Atlantic City Bachelor Party which means you’re in the right spot for a great time and not being too expensive.  Contact us and we’ll work out the rest.

Mike - AC Bachelor Parties