If you're looking for a lounge type place to hang out and get a couple drinks while enjoying the scenery, Ego Bar & Lounge is a great place.

It's located in Trump Taj Mahal and it's got all kinds of live show type stuff going on thurs-sun nights.  The lounge has their "Almost Angels" show which is really just an excuse for saying they have nice looking, fun, flirty girls hanging out and creating a great vibe while you sit back and catch up on old times at the bachelor party.

It's open 24 hours so it's even a good place to get that last drink of the night - or check out right before you go to bed, because you just have to see if anyone else is up and ready to party at 8:30AM.

Lounge Time,
Don - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Caesars Atlantic City is opening a new nightlife destination called Suite 7400 this summer.  Partying on rooftops and at pools is always a way to have a good time, and with the energy that Caesars is putting behind making Suite 7400 a great time this summer it'll be even better.

If you're looking for somewhere a little less crowded than the clubs, and with a more laidback, but fun vibe this is the place.  Even if it's just for an hour or so at the start of the night, it'll be sure to get the bachelor party started right.

Check it out at Caesars AC.  Start the day detoxing at Qua Spa, then early afternoon hit the Caesars Boardwalk Beach Bar, hit the Continental on the Pier Shops for a late lunch, then re-start your night at Suite 7400, then hit Dusk for the late night big club experience.   A full bachelor party - all at the same place.  Bam!

You've been Caesars'ed.
Don - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

If you think you want to have your bachelor party on Fourth of July weekend in AC, you better get planning three months ago.  OK, right now might help.  

Atlantic City has all kinds of amazing things happening that weekend and here are just a few.  We'll be back later with a full prep guide.  But seriously, you need to have this planned already - contact us.

July 7th
Pauly D at Harrah's
Kanye West at Ovation Hall, Revel
HQ Nightclub Opening Weekend at Revel

It's seriously going to be sick.

Don - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

The Chelsea is a great property in AC that really goes out of its way to make sure and give party goers every type of atmosphere and vibe possible.  Whether it’s a Miami style pool party, a quiet drink in the library, a major club feel in the open night air, or dancing by a fire place the Chelsea offers it all. 

The best part is that there’s no gambling floor to lose your group on.  Don’t you hate trying to get your bachelor party together to go out to the club and then everyone splits up to different casino tables while you’re trying to walk to the club.  Well, that’s no problem at the Chelsea – they’re all about the party.

Check them out, see the different parties going on each week at the Chelsea AC here, and get ready for day life and night life.


Don – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Resorts is rolling out the red carpet for a Classic Car Show during the day then the Cage Fury Fighting Championships at night on June 30th.  Besides looking at great cars and great fights these are two great alibis for what happened at your Atlantic City Bachelor Party that you can actually talk about.   Who cares if the rest of the night you spend trying to race on the backs of homeless guys down the boardwalk or seduce the girls at the club – all you’ll have to say you did was go to the car show and fights.

Plus, the fights feature somebody called “the strangler” – anything with the name “the strangler” in it needs to be a part of your bachelor party.  I’m sure if the best man slips him 100 bucks he’ll end up coming out with you guys for the rest of the night.  Who wouldn’t want to party with that guy.


Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Head over to the Atlantic City beach this weekend for a cornhole tournament with unlimited beer and food.  Yup, beach, tournament, beer, food - all it needs is your bachelor party.

Check out the link from Thrilllist or Right Here.  It's not only going to be crazy for sure, but it'll be a great alibi and give you something to say you did at the bachelor party - to throw off the bride to be from the real fun later that night.

Bob - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Sure, it’s not the usual nightclub crowd, but that’s exactly why you might want to make sure to hit the Phish concert as part of your Atlantic City Bachelor Party - June 15-17th.   Instead of having your bachelor party compete with a bunch of other guys at the club, why not hit the Phish concert and find a bunch of festival going girls that want to party.

It’s a good excuse to get away and party too.  No honey, we’re not going for the bachelor party – we’re going because the groom really loves Phish and we want to support him.  Ha.  Hey, we can even get strippers delivered to the concert for you if you really want.  That makes any concert better.


Nick – AC Bachelor Party

We recently wrote about the renovations to Anthem to make sure it's a great nightlife spot for AC moving forward.  To that end, if you happen to be down in AC on a Thursday for your bachelor party go and check out Anthem Thursdays.

The way they describe it is "This “Vegas” style Rock & Roll bar will integrate with a “Miami” style dance club to give people the excitement they crave, with fewer attitudes & more fun."   

We don't know what exactly that means but hey, it sounds like they're trying to have fun and that means it should be checked out.

Dave - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

The Golden Nugget is hosting Asylum Fight League on June 16th.  Not only did they just spend over $150MM renovating the property and making it amazing, but it’s on the water (with an outdoor deck at the Marina) and they brought you guys kicking the shit out of each other.  Yeah, good work.

So – get your bachelor party in gear and head to the Golden Nugget for the fights.  It’s at 8pm so that’s the perfect time to watch the fights and have the rest of the night to start your own AC Bachelor Party Fight Club.  First rule of fight club, there is no fight club.  Sounds very close to the motto of what happens at a bachelor party.


Mike – AC Bachelor Party

Ever since the Boogie Nights nightclub moved to the Tropicana (this year) it seems that they’re pulling out all the stops to make it a great place to party.  The venue is bigger, the programming is better and the drinks even seem colder.

If you don’t believe that this could be a good spot for your AC Bachelor Party just look at some of the events that they have coming up.

Tonight, June 1 – A Cougar and Cubs Ball – yup, they want the guys in your bachelor party to go party with some cougars.  We all know how good that will turn out – Cougars are awesome for bachelor parties.  Get there tonight.

June 8th – An 80s Prom Party.  Sure, you maybe saying to yourself wait a minute – an 80s prom party… do you know what proms were like in the 80s.  Do you know what women who want to relive or pretend to be at proms in the 80s are like.  Yeah, stop by.  We’re not saying it has to be the final stop – but it should be on your list to check out.

Oh, and if that isn’t enough they’re having a “Summers Swingers Bikini Party” on June 22.  Now, we don’t want to assume they mean “swingers” as in the… your bachelor party is going to be asked to bang a guy’s wife kind… but you never know.  If we got the title mistaken, I’m sure some swingers will too.  Plus, they’ll already be in bikinis.

So – you can see they’re really stepping it up and trying to have some fun parties, and since they’re in a new place they’re sure to go all out.


Don – Atlantic City Bachelor Party