With the upcoming July 4th weekend we thought we would take a little time to help answer the question - are summer holiday weekends a good time to do a bachelor party in Atlantic City.

The quick answer... yes!

Atlantic City is always a good time and when a holiday weekend is upon the town it only gets better - especially in the summer.   The main reason for this is not because there are that many more people in the town (it gets more crowded but not overly crowded like many beach towns on summer holiday weekends), but because most of the clubs, bars, hotels and casinos do all they can to step up their game and attract people.

Major DJs, better bands, more parties and drink specials make it a great time to do your bachelor party at one of the NJ shore's finest places - Atlantic City.

Don't get us wrong, Atlantic City is always upping it's game but summer and holidays bring out the best so bring your bachelor party to the best.

Did we also mention it's summer so it's pool party time?  Oh yeah, and most people will already have off an extra day so you'll have time to recover better - and by that we mean party harder on Sunday.

Be careful, holiday weekends fill up fast in all of NJ so book your Atlantic City Bachelor Party with us asap.

Brian - Your holiday and everyday Atlantic City Bachelor Party Package Expert Planner

A few months back we told you we would be posting our Atlantic City Stripper of the Month.   Needless to say, we’ve had a LOT of fun researching this. 

We purposely haven’t put any of them up on the web for a few reasons.  See, girls get jealous.  It turns out – girls who are strippers (sorry, we mean dancers) get really jealous.  We work with a LOT of girls here at Atlantic City Bachelor Party.  We do this so we can offer you the absolute best ones from the best companies Atlantic City has to offer.  We believe quality is important and we want to make sure that the girls that show up to entertain your bachelor party are the best ones possible.  Because of this – as we were going to put up some of our monthly featured girls, other ones were getting mad at us.  The last thing you want is a girl that wears 7-inch heels for a living mad at you.   So, instead of featuring one stripper per month, let’s just say that every girl we’ve ever worked with (except that one that is long gone, you know who) is worthy of being featured and you’re all top notch in our book.

Now ladies... get back on the pole and work out those lap-grinding muscles.  Guys, contact us and we'll get you the best AC strippers possible for your bachelor party.

Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

So we’ve given you plenty of other bachelor party ideas for AC in our other posts – here, here, here, and here.   Now we hope you’re ready for part 5 in our series.  Afterall, we can help you come up with millions of ideas for your AC Bachelor Party, so why not share them.   Remember, if you want to hear all of them, check out our bachelor party phone consultation service where you talk to one of our top pros and he walks you through EVERYTHING to make your party great or use the form on the first page to have us plan all of your party.

Ideas for your AC Bachelor Party – Part 5:
  • get there early enough to hit a beach bar during the day
  • hire a midget to do midget tossing (we can make it happen, and yes, this guy prefers to be called a midget)
  • bring bike helmets with you and have the bachelor wear it out to the bar.   When asked by girls what he’s doing just say he was recently in a major car accident that hasn’t fully healed yet and he has a huge soft spot on his head you can touch and almost feel his brain, and the accident also made his penis 3 times bigger. 

So don’t forget – the bachelor party is a once in a lifetime event for the bachelor (usually – unless you have 2 parties, but that’s one of our little secrets we can explain to you).   So… do whatever you have to to make it the best fucking time of his (and your) life.

Brian – Atlantic City Bachelor Party Package Master 

With all the great stuff happening during summer you really don’t want to spend all your time reading through this entire blog and finding the best ideas for your AC Bachelor Party.

Well, we have two answers:  1) contact us using the form on the first page and you’re party will be planned better than you could ever imagine with just that one east step and 2) check out some of our previous posts that we highlight here as our special summertime bachelor party related info..

Use these to gather some quick information about your summertime AC Bachelor Party and help planning.  Or, do the smart thing and contact the pros here at Atlantic City Bachelor Party.

Mike – AC Bachelor Party

So you want to get strippers for your Atlantic City Bachelor Party.   Good, at least we know you’re on the ball with that aspect of planning.    Finding the perfect strippers for the bachelor party is like finding the holy grail.  People spend a lot of time, check a lot of different places, and then just when they think they found the right one they end up shriveling up and dying like that guy in Indiana Jones.

Of course, you could work with us and let us plan your AC Bachelor Party with one of our packages and get the best AC strippers that we’ve found after years of constant booking and refining.   Or, you could try on your own.  While we hope you’ll go with us – here’s some questions you want to make sure to ask when you’re trying to book your AC strippers.

  • Where would the girls be coming from (are they AC locals or from WAY out of town)?
  • How many parties do they usually do in one night?
  • What do you think is the best time to get them if we didn’t want to be rushed?
  • What does the price you’re quoting me include?
  • What doesn’t the price include?

Use these as the starting point for making sure your Atlantic City strippers aren’t really NYC strippers that will cost you more and will be way late for your party.  It’ll also help make sure that you don’t end up with a very common scenario where the girls show up and they say – OK, now you have to pay for our time – that money you just gave us was just to show up.   OK, that happens with escorts way more than strippers – but you never know.

Contact us so you don’t have to worry about the girls and instead just have to worry about how worn down your pants will be from getting so many lap dances.

Brian – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

 We've already talked about how AC (in particular the Borgata) is going to convince you to stay over Sunday for your bachelor party.   Well here's more details about the Sunday party at the Water Club (also, see our previous post on the Water Club).   

Direct from their press release:
Introducing: SUNBAR – Poolside at The Water Club  On Sunday, June 27, SUNBAR at The Water Club debuts as Atlantic City's most sought-after open-air poolside event. Each Sunday when the sun begins to set, fashionable crowds will merge poolside at this outdoor nightlife destination, for sultry nights with a vibe inspired by the social hotspots in Miami's South Beach.  Lounge to the sounds of the resident DJ, party with friends in a cabana and indulge in Chef Geoffrey Zakarian's culinary delicacies and signature cocktails.  SUNBAR pool parties are the ideal setting to enjoy summer Sundays by the shore.  SUNBAR will also be open to the public every night of the week as an extension of The Sunroom lounge starting Memorial Day weekend for cocktails and light bites."

You already know you should be there.   Just plan the bachelor party around it now.  

Brian - AC Bachelor Party
So you actually got away from your regular life and are now at a bachelor party in Atlantic City.  The problem is you don’t want to admit how great it was and you need some kind of souvenir that says yeah we had fun, but it wasn’t out of control.  

Here’s the perfect alibi – Atlantic City’s Hard Rock Café at the Trump Taj Mahal Hotel Casino.   Stop in, buy a shot glass or some t-shirts for the people at home and you’re gold.   Say you spent an entire night drinking and eating in there and then just gambled a little bit then went to bed.   It’ll sound completely believable and you’ll have the t-shirt to prove it.  

Good thing no one will know you were downing beers, throwing up on stage at a strip club and throwing fives at every girl that walked by.

You’re Welcome!
Brian – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

As we mentioned here, Mixx is re-opening with a new look and feel June 25.   Samantha Ronson is doing the re-opening party and she always makes it a great night.

If you're in town for a bachelor party that weekend and want to be where the most energy will be - head to Mixx.   

Brian - Atlantic City BP

OK, so it’s not for a bachelor party specifically but Casbah Nightclub (inside AC’s Trump Taj Mahal) is debuting a new technology this summer that is sure to make the party even better.

On a huge screen within the club you can use texting to call over girls and groups of girls to your party.   You don’t even have to get our of your set anymore to hit on the girls there.  Sounds like a strip club where they come to you huh!   That being said, Casbah is a classy place so the girls there may need a little more smooth talking than your best strip club game.

So, while you’re in AC for the bachelor party be sure to stop by Casbah and try and get the bachelor the girl he wants with a text message.

Now if we could only get them to let us order drinks that way!

Happy Texting,
Brian – Atlantic City Bachelor Party


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Sorry for the lapse in posting for a couple days.  We were busy helping a team with the filming of the sequel of a certain movie about a bachelor party.

Brian - ACBP