Take a look at this recent job posting flyer from Revel.  If you didn't think this was going to be an amazing place for your Atlantic City Bachelor Party, you're dead wrong.

They're explicitly calling most of their positions in the nightlife group "model...".  Yup, they're making sure that while you're down there having the time of your life in an amazing resort you'll be also admiring not only the resort itself, but its employees.

"Models that serve," thank god they learned something by watching Ocean's Twelve (it was a line in the movie dummy.)  

Thanks Revel - we can't wait till the nightlife kicks off and if you're wanting to have a bachelor party here make sure to contact us for everything.  We'll even bring the models... oh wait, the Revel has that covered.

Don - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Yes, Hooters is throwing it's big swimsuit pageant in Atlantic City on May 24th and the Tropicana wants to give you a great deal on partying there.

What more could you ask for at a bachelor party?  Call us and find out.  Who knows, maybe we'll even help you arrange a more private swimsuit pageant for just your bachelor party.

Check it out, sure to be a great time and a perfect option for a Thursday night start to the AC Bachelor Party Weekend.

Don - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Dear Revel,

We’re very excited about your soft opening tomorrow.  While we’ve been already fortunate enough to spend a day inside, we’re very excited about what April 2nd means for you and Atlantic City in general.

Do us a favor though: keep trying.  You’ve come this far and made an amazing breathtaking resort, keep pushing the boundaries everyday to make it even better.  Sure, we know you’ll have your first couple of months or even up to a year of really figuring things out and making sure you’re operationally perfect. 

We’re talking about not letting go of all of the energy and focus you’re putting into the launch.  If you’re not having acts as big as Beyonce two years from now, we’ll be upset.  If you’re not actively out spreading the message about AC and Revel three years from now, shame on you. 

For all of you out there reading our blog and wondering if this place will be a great place for a bachelor party.  Well, I don’t know about you but anyplace with all of this seems like a great bachelor party place: amazing restaurants, a great casino, cool places to see a show, a burlesque club, tons of other bars, an in & out pool, cabanas, a private beach, a four story nightclub, and hopefully to make it really right in AC, because it’s the group that made it so big in Vegas… daylife!   Yes, we think Revel Bachelor Parties are going to be amazing. 

Now for our request to you bachelor party guys:  The Revel has upped their game and all of AC’s as well as every other place tries to respond and build off of this place – so step up your game as well.  The other great places in AC will still be great to go to and now it’s up to you – the “I want the best bachelor party in AC weekend/week of anyone’s life” crowd that should really plan out and be ready to have the best bachelor parties ever. 


Dave – Atlantic City Bachelor Party