Summer is quickly approaching and that means the beach bars will start popping up.  We did a quick post last year’s main beach bar outside Trump Plaza, but this year promises to bring even more options – as well as an outside beer garden at Caesar’s that’s REALLY close to the beach.

So, as you’re making your bachelor party hotel plans make sure to think about your daytime, outside drinking options.  Nothing says bachelor party like bikini clad servers, sun and drinking outside.

Need suggestions – contact us and we’ll make sure you know what to do.

Dave – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

It's time for another Diddy (or whatever his current name is) party in Atlantic City - NICE!   We've said it before that we love the way he parties, and watch out because his parties can get real crazy, and this weekend he's bringing the craziness to The Chelsea.

So, put the mindfuck on your friends and get everyone to the party.

Just one of the many great things happening in Atlantic City this weekend - as always.

Mike - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Take a good look just above the high heel of any good stripper and you’ll see one of the most important parts of their outfit – the huge wad of cash rubber banded to their ankle.   After years and years of painstaking research we’ve learned something very valuable: tips make strippers happy.     We’ve also learned that, the happier the stripper the better the bachelor party.

The right way to tip is different whether you’re having the party in a strip club or having the strippers come to you (which is the method we much more highly recommend).   So, let’s talk about the best way to tip your Atlantic City Strippers.

First things first – make sure everyone at the party knows that they should be tipping the girls.  Also, if you’re an incredibly smart best man you’ll also make sure that you stopped at the bank before the party and load up on dollar bills that you’ll trade to the guys in the party.

Secondly, you don’t want to just throw all your money out all at once.  Let the girls get warmed up, start dishing out the dollars a little bit after they get started and make sure that between you and the rest of the guys you keep peppering the girls with bills for as long as you can.   If the girls see that 1) you’re throwing money out little by little and 2) that there’s a nice wad of bills in your hand they’ll keep going for a longer period of time.  

There’s also plenty of creative ways to tip so make sure to work with your girls to come up with the most interesting.  There’s always the frontal squeeze where you hold the bill in your mouth and the girl squeezes her boobs together to get it.  Don’t forget about the sticky wicky where you lay down with a bill on your mouth and a girl has to find something wet to sit on you with and take it off your mouth (wash your face after the show).   Have a contest with the guys to see who can come up with the best way.

If you get girls that are fun enough (and that’s the type of bachelor party stripper we specialize in so contact us) you’ll also have the chance to play lots of fun games like hide the lollipop or whip cream races.  If you really want to have some fun, set up a tournament board and work with us on our “special games”.

Remember, the happier the stripper – the happier you’ll be.  So, contact us and book your in-room Atlantic City Strippers for the best entertainment you could get.


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

It doesn’t matter whether or not you like techno or house – it will make your bachelor party better.  The reason: young, hot girls love partying to techno and house music.  If you know anything about bachelor parties you know that a ton of girls that are looking to party their asses off  will make the party better.

If you don’t believe that the partying is that much better, just look at some pictures from The Borgata’s I Love House Music concert series or a night where any of the other AC clubs have a big DJ.  If you happen to throw a bachelor party on a night that the right DJ is in town you can count on the fact that there will be many many more girls looking to party with you.

So, contact us and we’ll make sure you’re party knows where to go.  It’ll take a few days to get the music out of your head, but it’ll be worth it.

You’re Welcome,

Dave – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

When you work with a company like ours, you can be sure you’re getting the best possible pricing for everything you could want in Atlantic City.  That being said in our experience we know that being the one that’s organizing the bachelor party means that you have to put up with a bunch of guys that are going to be asking you about the package cost all the time. 

Here are a few tips as you come up with the cost you want to charge each of the guys coming to the bachelor party.
  • Give them a ballpark price early so they can start putting away money and give you a level of commitment, tell them it’s just a ballpark and will be refined as time goes on.
  • Tell them that the pricing changes based on the number of guys coming so the more they commit to whether they’re coming or not, the better you can estimate costs.
  • Make sure the groom/bachelor knows nothing about what the party costs – he’s the reason you’re all going so he should go for free
  • Make sure the bachelor/groom’s cost is split between everyone else
  • Work with us to get one complete price, in a bachelor party package, for whatever you want to do
  • Collect as much money as you can early
  • Collect and ask for a bit more than you think you need because it’s good to have a buffer – if you’ve collected too much give it back to the guys right before the strippers walk in so they can use it for tips or drinks later on.
We know pricing out a bachelor party sucks and it sucks more when you have 12 guys asking you a bunch of questions about it.  Use the tips above to help make it suck a little less.


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

How much heads up do you need to give before wanting to hire strippers?

Well, it depends on if you want to try and secure a specific preference, or you'll just take any of the extremely hot girls that are available.

The best heads up you can give is a lot.  That being said - we know some things come up last minute.  

The last thing you want to do is wait - the earlier you contact us, the better.   This will give us both plenty of time to work together and make sure you have the party of your dreams.

So - if you want strippers and you know you're gonna have a party - contact us as early as you can.  If it turns out that you just ended up getting together with the guys and now you want to party - give us a contact too.  We'll make it work.

The early bird gets the worm, or in this case the early bird gets his choice of the bunch.

Mike - Atlantic City Bachelor Party