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Mike - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

In a previous post we’ve talked about questions to ask the Bachelor, and now we’re going to give you a few questions you should be asking the potential guests of the bachelor party.  This will give you a good heads up of anything you should know or could use in advance.    
These are not meant to be every question you would ask by any means, but just maybe one or two you wouldn’t think to ask right away.
  • Does anyone have any connections or “hook-ups” anywhere at the destination of where we’re going (use this to see if anyone can get free anything like rooms, or flights, or limos, discounts are great too)
  • Has anyone seen or done anything really crazy at a bachelor party, send ideas
  • Ask of close friends: anyone have any dates that absolutely won’t work because of something important going on
  • Does anyone know a cop really well that can give some of us FOP cards “just in case”
A lot of people forget to ask other people in the party if they have any kind of discounts or know someone that can help with the bachelor party.  Shameless plug: if you want to sit back and let us do all the work of planning and ensuring you’re having the most insane bachelor party ever – contact us.   When friends offer help, take it.  Just be careful to rely on people for too many things.  We’ve been to and heard about too many parties where people said they were going to do something or they had some kind of hook up somewhere, only to have the person not come through.  Make sure you take control and get info. that will put the ball in your court so you know what’s going on.

Mike – AC Bachelor Party

So you didn’t go to New Orleans or Mardi Gras for the bachelor party but you figured you’d try and find the next best thing.  Well… head over to the Showboat for lots of Mardi Gras themed partying – minus the topless girls in the middle of the casino.  You’ll have to get them to do that in your room, not the casino floor.


Atmosphere – You can’t go wrong with anything decorated for Mardi Gras.  Yeah, it is a little cheesy, and the place itself isn’t the newest kid on the block, but at least it has the feel like it wants to have a great time.

Suites – book a House of Blues Suite in the Showboat.   We don’t have absolute confirmation but we think they made these rooms especially for bachelor parties.  We won’t ruin every surprise – but let’s just say they took care of every detail including making sure the coffee table was sturdy enough and big enough for two girls to do a strip show on.   

Suites – book a House of Blues Suite.  Yes, they’re that good that we wrote it twice.

Size – the Showboat is not big enough to lose your group or spend too much time looking for them – yet has just about every type of game and bar and poker room you could want.


Crowd –the Showboat Hotel doesn’t attract the best possible talent so we had to make it a lowlight.  Good thing it’s centrally located and you can make it to some other places for the partying that takes place outside of your suite.

Overall, the Showboat in AC is a nice place to stay but isn’t going to be the place you party all night (unless you never make it out of the room).  Of course, you could look at this as a good thing because since you’ll leave at some point in the night you won’t be throwing up all over the casino floor and get kicked out of the place you’re also staying.

Mike – AC Bachelor Party

So you made it to Atlantic City, you arrive to the bachelor party thinking the best man has got the party planned and ready to go only to find that nothing starts for at least 6 hours and no one has literally any idea what to do.   So – what should you do when you find yourself in this situation?

There’s probably a hundred answers – and a hundred is being simple.   If you’re staying at the right place you can just head downstairs and gamble, start drinking or head to the pool and play marco polo.  But, you’re reading this blog which means you want an amazing party and you need a great idea to start the bachelor party off right and you need it quick.   

Here’s two:  get 2 other people and the groom.  Get in a cab.  Tell the cabby to take you to the shadiest / dirtiest part of town.  Somehow convince the bachelor that this is all part of a plan to go to some underground bar (yeah, there are some of those).  When he gets out of the cab first… take off.  Watch and laugh as the bachelor shits himself running after the cab.    Go a couple blocks, pray he doesn’t get mugged, then go back and get him.  Immediately hit a bar. You’ll all be in a good mood.

So let’s say you don’t want to mess with the bachelor that bad – well instead of ditching him, go outside and hit a beach bar.  We’ll be writing up a whole review of all the beach bars but in the meantime just go.  I mean how could you go wrong when you have to amazing things put together – the beach and a bar?  

Mike - ACBP

I forgot to mention - if you are or know a great girl that should be featured in our Atlantic City Stripper of the Month - please let us know - email us on the contact us page.

Happy Voting
Atlantic City Bachelor Party
That’s right, we’re gonna feature a new series here each and every month.  You’ve already seen our posts and series on nightlife, restaurants, and ideas for the bachelor party. Now we’re going to be featuring the best part… the bachelor party strippers (or dancers or entertainment or girls or ladies of the night, whatever you want to call them). 

Contact us if you want to be featured.  Otherwise we’ll be taking some of the best girls from parties we’ve thrown, bachelor parties we’ve been to, and the strippers that are just so good they have their own legendary tales floating around AC.

So, stay tuned.  We’ll feature the first girl soon and then it’ll be a steady stream of our new and favorite series “Atlantic City Stripper of the Month”.   If you don’t want to wait for the reviews just contact us too and we’ll just set up a party with 15 of the best girls AC has to offer.

Don - ACBP

We have plenty of favs over here at AtlanticCity-BachelorParty and this is one of them – the Barber Shop at the Borgata.   Imagine rolling up with a couple friends (just give it to the groom as a nice gesture before you make fun of him all weekend) and walking into the waiting area with a pool table and a fridge full of drinks.  Your taken back to an old school barber’s chair, the seat goes back further than anything you’ve ever sat in, and for the next 30 minutes you’re in heaven.  

30 minutes of sheer relaxation during the bachelor party is an amazing way to break up a wild weekend and recharge before hitting it hard that day and night.   The great part is that while you’re sitting there in a never ending facial love fest of hot towels, massage and oils you’re also getting a straight razor shave that will leave your face as smooth as a stripper’s behind. 

You’ll close your eyes and wake up with a clean mug, not to mention it’ll help get rid of that horrible feeling the night before from downing 16 Patron shots.  So, head over to the Borgata, get to the spa floor and hit the Barber Shop.  Where else can taking 30 minutes to shave be one of the best experiences ever.

Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

You’ve seen our post on the Trop here, and now we’ll give you just a little more info. on spending the bachelor party night at Providence.    Providence was one of the bigger clubs that came on the scene and helped define what clubs should be in Atlantic City.  It’s built right into the Quarter at the Trop so you’ve already been having a good time there.   Providence is hit or miss, some nights it’s great, and some leave something to be desired because many people are at other places.  That being said, it’s a good bet that this place will pay off.

  • Setting / Décor – wow, we just wrote the word décor on a bachelor party blog.  Anyway – what we mean is, this place looks cool, and that makes girls have a good time.  Everything from the DJ in a pod over high above the dance floor, to mini-stages where they let girls dance on poles and scream to their friends – this place is fun to look at.   Our favorite part – there’s a bar right on the dance floor so you can sit against the bar and drink, while people dance around you (that being said, we usually always recommend VIP / table service so you have better opportunities with that).
  • Off-Day Crowds – go there on what would typically be a less crowded day and this place is crazy.   Maybe it’s because people go here on these days and then other places on Saturday nights?
  • Girls – like we said, the mini stages and poles as well as the Quarter itself attracts a good ratio of girls to guys.  There’s also a lot of teachers here usually so feel free to be bad and ask for punishment.

  • Hit or Miss – like we said, you’ll want to be sure you know which days are good here so you don’t show up on an off night.  Ask us.

Overall, Providence is a good place to stop for the bachelor party.  Don’t expect too much and you could be pleasantly surprised.  Also, because it isn’t as hard to get into as some other places, you’d have a better chance just trying to walk in here with a large group of guys without a reservation.

Mike – AC Bachelor Party

Jack and Jill parties, as they’re being called lately, have been gaining a lot of steam lately in the world.  While we can’t say we condone them because the whole point of a bachelor party is to party without the bride and her people, we realize that some grooms might want to do this. As the planner of the party you just have to deal with it, but you should do everything you can to try and convince them otherwise.  

The good news is is that if you HAVE to do this, doing a joint party in Atlantic City doesn’t have to be that bad.  That’s because AC is big enough where you can meet up for a little bit and party together, but then go your own way as the bachelor party and you won’t have to intersect with the bachelorette party.  Also, because Atlantic City is small enough the bride won’t get mad that the bachelor party went too far.  You can be one casino away (or even in different clubs within the same casino) and it will be like you’re a world away.  

That’s right – AC is big enough to have a good party all to yourselves, yet small enough where you can keep the bride happy about her stupid idea to have a joint party.    If you have to stay within the same one casino, try the Borgata and take the guys to Mur Mur while she’s in Mixx, if you can go different places, keep the guys at the Borgata still (and own the whole place) while she’s getting her feet wet at the Harrah’s Pool.

No matter what, make sure to give the groom a lot of crap for having a dual party.

Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

OK, I’m not gonna try and write an actual review of a Hooters restaurant because I think any self-respecting man knows what that place is all about: WINGS!   Oh yeah, and Hooters too.  Don’t even try and lie and say you’ve never had dreams about a girl in orange shorts walking into your room .

So, instead of trying to review it, we’ll just tell you where they are.  There is a Hooters just above the casino floor at the Trump Marina and one on the boardwalk level of Tropicana.   Stay in your suite and party and have them bring the food up to your room (cute delivery girl usually not included).   That’s right, you don’t even have to leave your room.  Have the strippers come over to do their show, and order Hooters (before they get there so you’re not focused on wings when they show up).  The first part of the party is now taken care of and you’re off to the rest of the night.

Now, if you want to add a little bachelor party idea to the mix – make the bachelor dress up as a Hooters girl (you can get the outfit on ebay) before he shows up at the restaurant and make him bring your table your food.   Or, meet the strippers in the lobby and make sure you already have some food you pre-ordered.  Get the strippers to change into Hooters outfits in the other room, then go knock on the door like you were getting the food delivered.  Two minutes later, they’re really showing their hooters.  The bachelor won’t have a clue and he’ll think he has a story about how he convinced a couple of Hooter waitresses to get naked.   Moron.

Mike – AC Bachelor Party