This summer the Atlantic City daytime party scene is going to be epic.   That being said, you don’t need to wait till summer in order to have a great daytime pool party added onto your bachelor party.  Lucky for you, most of the hotels and casinos have pools that you could party at anytime of the year (ask us which ones are best).    The best pool parties involve a few key things, and where you take it from depends on just how crazy you want to get.

First things first, you want to make sure that the pool you want to go to is open.  This isn’t a problem during the summer – but when it’s cold out you want to make sure you know where to go.  Also, you’ll want the pool to be open long enough to have fun, and you don’t want to be listening to babies cry as they touch the water so you’ll want to go to one that primarily caters to adults. 

For your bachelor party you’ll also want to use pool time as a chance to pre-game for the night’s festivities so you’ll most likely want to bring a cooler – or at least make sure that they serve drinks at the pool.  Worst case scenario – know where the house phone is at the pool so you can call room service and convince some guy to bring you a bottle of vodka poolside.

The good part about casino hotel pools is that generally it’s a place that the female guests of the hotel like to hang at during the day.   Typically they’d rather sit by a pool rather than in the casino – so your bachelor party should have no problem embarrassing themselves in front of some bikini clad cuties all day long.   Send the guy who actually works out in your group over to invite them to your lounge chairs for drinks.

Some of the pools have cabanas you can enjoy as well and if there’s a game on TV there’s nothing better than sitting back and having one foot in the pool, one hand on a drink and one hand on a remote, while your new female guest massages your back because she lost a bet about something funny or stupid.

The pool’s also a great way to recover from the night before and doing a couple quick dunks between the hot tub and a cold pool can get you back in drinking shape very quickly.

Just do us a favor, do not under any circumstance do the Caddyshack trick.  No one wants to shut down the pool while they clean out your Baby Ruth.

Don’t forget the arm floaties,
Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party 

The folks over at Tony Boloney’s go out of their way to make sure their customers always get what they want.  They’re even willing to go above and beyond for your bachelor party and throw the world’s largest and most gruesome pizza eating competition, and yes – you can enter (hurry, registration closes soon).   The party happens May 14th so plan your bachelor party accordingly.

In order to win you have to be the first to eat through their entire menu of 30 different amazing slices.  It shouldn’t be a problem though because if your bachelor party is any good the night before that means you’ll be ridiculously hung over and nothing cures a hangover like massive amounts of food.

Of course, if you just want to see this all go down you’ll still have a great time because they’ll be plenty to see and do including a beer garden, bands, girls that like guys who eat 30 pieces of pizza, and plenty of silly games.   It’s the perfect way to kill the daytime hours of your bachelor party – and by that we mean kill the hours until the strippers show up at your hotel suite.  

It’s also the perfect alibi for when you get home because you can always say – yeah, we went to a pizza eating competition and were so full afterwards we couldn’t even party that hard, so we just relaxed. 

Ready, Set, Eat!

Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

If you think AC is waiting until June-Aug to pull out all the stops then you're absolutely wrong.   In fact, just check out the line up at just The Borgata this weekend alone.

First you have Samantha Ronson and DJ Ruckus tonight, then you have Jermaine Dupri and Mario Lopez tomorrow.  Not to mention a great Sunday party at Mixx.   

So, if you're thinking you'll wait until summer to visit AC or have your bachelor party in August, you're missing out.  Get here now!  In fact, do a pre-bachelor party planning mission this weekend so you're really ready for the big one in August.   Whatever excuse you need.

Mike - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Want to know where you should go Saturday night for your bachelor party?

Head to the Taj because Tiesto will be there Saturday night.

We don't care if you like or don't like his music - you will like the thousands of girls that will be going to the show.   If you don't want to be around thousands of girls who love to dance and party then you should really not be at a bachelor party, you should be at a tupperware party.

Your welcome,
Mike - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

St. Patrick’s Day is today – why the hell are you reading this and not enjoying a great AC Bachelor Party?   Get off your computer, phone, iPad and go get in some beers, booze and boardwalk in AC. 

The perfect St. Patrick’s Day Bachelor Party is easy: dress everyone in green, make the bachelor dress up as a leprechaun, give out pots of gold to strippers and drink lots of beer. 

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!   If you think today is gonna get crazy just wait till next year when St. Patrick’s Day is on a Saturday.  Start making your plans now.


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

You’re excited, the soon-to-be-groom’s excited and all you want is everyone coming to the bachelor party to give you their full commitment.  The problem is guys suck at commitment and they suck even more when you’re asking them to tell you whether or not they’re coming to a party a couple weeks or months from now.

It’s a common problem most bachelor party organizers face and it’s one of the most important first steps in planning the party, getting an estimate of the number of people coming.   Here’s some ideas on how to fix that:

  • Send emails / talk to the guests EARLY!  The earlier you ask the more time there is for them to plan.
  • Give them details.  Most people don’t commit because they want to make sure it’s going to be fun enough and what’s going on (even though they won’t help coming up with those ideas).  When you give them details they’ll be more inclined to respond or at least comment.
  • Ask for a small deposit.  Asking for money gets people motivated to say yes or no.
  • Bother them a lot.  If they’re mad you’re trying to get them to come party who cares.
Like we said, the reasons people don’t respond are because they want to know what’s going on.  Work with us and we’ll help you through the whole thing.


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Are you special?  Want to throw a bachelor party in true tigerblood style?   Are you on a drug called (insert your name here)?   If so, then you must be ready to throw a bachelor party in true Charlie Sheen style.

Be warned: this is not for most people.  In fact, it’s probably not for you because you’re reading this instead of living life like a warrior.   So, if you’re ready here we go.

A good Charlie Sheen Bachelor Party involves making all of your dreams come true and having the rest of the world envious at your life.   If you want to try and pull it off over a weekend we recommend the following:
  • Rent the nicest location (suite, mansion, island, underwater city) that you can possibly find.  Make sure it has a huge theatre screen that has porn playing 24X7.
  • Hire enough goddesses, porn stars, strippers, bikini models, and hot young girls so that there is at least a 17 to 1 ratio of naked girls to warrior guys.
  • Be generous with the girls to ensure their silence
  • Alert Howard 100, TMZ and every other news channel to sleep 150ft. away waiting for news.
  • Half way through the party, turn off all music for seven minutes and solve global warming.  
  • Ensure there are multiple beds in your bedroom (each bed full of girls) and choose which bed to pass out in each night.
  • Call Webster’s to tell them that the next version of the dictionary should have a picture of you next to the definition for WINNING.   Update Wikipedia too.
  • PLANBETTER   Great bachelor parties come from great plans.  Learn from your Guru Charlie and get a plan for your next bachelor party to ensure it turns out great.

You’ll probably never reach the Power of Sheen, but it’ll be one hell of a weekend.  Good luck!

Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party