So you’re putting together the bachelor party plan for an upcoming Atlantic City bachelor party and you can’t decide between getting strippers to come do a show in your hotel room or go to a strip club.  Well, after having thousands of opportunities to decide the answer to this question we have some guidelines that will help you decide.

Questions to ask before determining where to get your stripper on:
  • How many people are attending?
  • Does the bachelor know (won’t be shy around) most of the guys?
  • What hotel are you staying at / what type of room?
  • How often does the bachelor or your group go to a strip club?
  • What are the other activities planned for the night?

Knowing the answers to these gives you some guidelines.  For instance, if you have 20 or so people attending and you’re all staying in regular rooms in a hotel – you’ll probably want to go to the strip club, there just won’t be enough room.  Note: there are lots of options in Atlantic City Hotels that are suites or rooms specially designed for parties (House of Blues Suite) that can fit 20+ and a dozen strippers – we’ll help you get the right place.   Answering the questions will also give you thoughts like – well, the bachelor won’t be shy and wants the craziest shit ever AND the guys at the party are fun and will all be interested in throwing out dollar bills, etc. so let’s get strippers back to our room.

Finding the right girls and girl providers to do your in hotel room party is a job itself.  There’s tons of options and making sure you get good looking girls, that you can pick, that show up on time, that don’t expect  the price is just a show up fee and want more money, that… blah blah blah – there’s a ton of things to think about when booking strippers.  We have proven / guaranteed options for you and we’ll also write more here about what to watch out for / etc..

If you end up wanting to go to a strip club for the party Atlantic City offers a couple good ones but there’s one that ends up being the place most people choose, and we recommend (right now anyway).  Bare Exposure is great and a favorite of ours, just make sure you don’t end up like the other 5 bachelor parties trying to get in by standing outside in line waiting for hours.  Contact us and it won’t happen.

And if you’re wondering our recommendation on this age old question on where to have strippers for your bachelor party, it’s simple – strip club for breakfast and lunch and in room before going out at night.

Mike - ACBP

So you’ve seen part 1 in our series, here’s part 2 of ways / things / thought starters and ideas for making your Atlantic City Bachelor Party Plans amazing.   Remember, these are just some quick hits from us to you, the best bachelor party plans are well thought out weekends or days of things aligned to what’s gonna work for your group.  Do the work (it’s a lot) or call us and we’ll put together everything for you.

  • Line up a full day of poker by hitting (and winning) the poker tourneys at the MANY AC casinos and hotels that have tourneys at different times during the day.  End it all with the midnight madness tournament at the Trump Taj.
  • Sit on the beach in style – hit the beach out front of the Chelsea for cabana service right on the beach
  • Get an AMAZING sub/hoagie/sandwich at the White House

More to come…. Millions more.  The ideas never stop in Atlantic City and with the pros at, contact us today and we’ll make you a party you’ll never forget.

Mike - ACBP

We’ve done a 3 reasons for an AC Bachelor Party before, so here’s five more reasons sure to prove that Atlantic City, NJ is a great idea for the bachelor party you’re looking to plan or attend.

  1. Location – AC, and New Jersey in general, is located centrally on the east coast making it easily accessible and drive-able from everywhere ranging from Connecticut down to Virginia.  It’s also got a great small airport making it easy to fly into (or fly into Philly for a short drive or train down). Got friends in multiple places, they can all easily meet in AC and usually get there in very cheap ways.  There’s a train from NYC (that sells beer), trains from PA/Philly (bring your own beer), and tons of roads that converge on America’s Favorite Playground.  
  2. It’s Shady and Classy – yup, it’s the two best things you could want – all in one town.  Within the same block in AC you can be smoking incredible cigars surrounded by leather and mahogany sharing stories of how the bachelor helps little orphan kids OR you could be throwing frozen bags of peas at a former escort while you make the bachelor eat the peas that fall out of the bag.   You can imagine the full range of shady things and classy things your group can get into – we’ll just help you set it up and come up with even better ideas for the bachelor parties.  Fill out the contact form on the main page.
  3. Carrot Top – you will never find Carrot Top playing anywhere here.   AC has quality entertainment if you’re into hitting a quick show type thing or there’s a good concert in town.    Use some of our posts on “How to Find Out What’s Happening in Atlantic City” to get ideas on what’s in town.
  4. Good Guy – when you tell people you went to or are going to Vegas for a bachelor party, they pretty much expect you to kill a stripper and overdose on drugs.  Don’t get me wrong , we LOVE Vegas and have a great business out there too; but, when you tell others (girlfriend, wife, co-workers) you went to / are going to AC for a bachelor party they don’t look at you like you’re gonna bang a donkey.   In the case of girlfriends/wives, we’ve seen much higher acceptance conversion rate of letting you go to AC than many other places.
  5. Cabs – this may be lame, but when you want to get to where you’re going next and you want to get there quickly cabs are important.   We’ve spent WAY less time in cab lines in AC than just about anywhere else.   Also, because the island is closer together and it’s easier to get into/out of hotel cab areas it’s cheaper than many other places too.
  6. Bonus:  here’s a 6th reason Atlantic City is a great bachelor party plan idea: we’re here to help!  Yup, a gratuitous plug for our amazing services of helping you throw/have the most insane / best bachelor party you’ve ever heard of.  Use the contact form on the main page now!

Mike –
Breaking news for coming up with ideas for your upcoming Atlantic City, NJ Bachelor Party:  The Hard Rock is planning a new hotel in AC.

Read the press release here.   We’ve been working with numerous Hard Rock Properties over the years so we’ll be sure to keep you up to date on Hard Rock news and give you access to the best bachelor parties possible.

Don - ACBP

You’re buddy just announced he’s getting married, after thanking him and telling him he’s awesome (because now you get to go to a bachelor party, not because of the married part) he asks you to be the best man.   Your immediate thought – YES, I get to plan the bachelor party.  Anywhere from a minute to a couple days later you think – SHIT, I have to plan the bachelor party.

Being a best man (or the person designated to throw the bachelor party) is great, but trying to plan a the craziest, best time of your life for a group of guys sometimes can get annoying , overwhelming, or just be a pain in the ass.  So, while you obviously know that the pros at AtlanticCity-BachelorParty can help, you may be wanting to try it on your own for a bit.  We’re cool with that, and here’s some quick guidelines to help get you on your way.   It’s not a total guide to how to plan a bachelor party, but rather just focused on the big things and how to get great ideas.

Just a note – while this may seem like a lot to think about (and it’s not even close to everything) keep in mind that we are talking about how to plan or almost guarantee an amazing bachelor party, not a shitty one.  Sure, great ones can just happen, but you’ll guarantee the best if you plan more.

First – if you’ve never been to Atlantic City or that part of New Jersey (and remember we’re only talking about if you’re trying to do this without help from the pros) – get there!  Don’t give me a bullshit excuse like you live too far either – we know people that have traveled overseas or to Canada on scouting trips for bachelor parties.   Getting to see, walk around, find stuff on your own and know where you shouldn’t be going at 3AM will give you first hand knowledge of what makes a great party.

Next – while you’re in AC, grab a yellow pages phone book.  Yup, old school phone books will be your best resource for certain things that are hard to find or know who’s legit on the internet.   OK, if you don’t know what we meant by that we meant that the yellow pages has plenty of stripper listings in it in case you didn’t set one up already, or you run into a stripper no-show emergency while your party is going on.

Research – the second most important thing to making sure any bachelor party is amazing is doing research.  Read all the posts here, do a shit load of google searches, call places and ask, take the photo tours on the hotel websites, make large spreadsheets weighing out every option for every different thing you need to plan.  Make tabs on the spreadsheet for hotel options, stripper options, dinner options, bar options, club options, golf, paintball, surfing, helicopters, scuba, fishing, yacht rentals…. the list goes on.   Or, just one email to us and it’s all done for you.

Seriously, if you want to have a good bachelor party in Atlantic City, spend some time thinking about it – or just call the pros at AtlanticCity-BachelorParty.  We’ve been throwing the best bachelor parties in NJ (and beyond) for well over ten years. 

Mike – Throwing the best Bachelor Parties in Atlantic City, NJ for over 10 years

In our nightlife review series we’ll be reviewing some of Atlantic City’s club, bar, and other options for what to do at night.  Of course, because we’re experts in bachelor parties, we’ll be doing it from a perspective of “is this place a good idea to go to for a bachelor party.”

First up in the series is Mixx Nightclub inside the Borgata.   Let’s face it, the Borgata pretty much gets everything right (we can let you in on some of the little secrets where they could be better) and Mixx is no exception.   It might not even be the absolute best place to go inside the Borgata, because Mur Mur is amazing, but it has certain things about it that make it even better.


Size – Mixx is huge by any nightclub or nightlife standard.  It boasts multiple levels, huge dancefloors, lots of VIP tables, skyboxes, secret rooms, and even a waiting area that lets you hear the music and mingle before you even enter.  While we never recommend waiting in line, because we can show you how to bypass them, the size of this place means there’s usually not too bad of a line – which means it attracts a great crowd.  The large size also allows you to be working multiple groups of girls in every corner and section of the club and never have them mingle or see you trying with another group.

Crowd – I gotta be honest, I don’t even want to write this because it’s a great phenomenon that I don’t want to jinx or let too many people in on, but we’re all about giving and making great bachelor parties here at AtlanticCity-BachelorParty so here it goes: the ratio of bachelorette parties to regular crowd here is crazy.  There are usually more bachelorette parties taking place here in relation to the size of the crowd than anywhere else.   What does that mean?  Well, if you can’t figure out why that’s good for a bachelor party, you’re stupid.   Besides the large number of drunk girls that are jealous that one girl in their group is getting married and they aren’t so they want to hook up (or they’re drunk and hate their husband) there is generally a very laid back, fun, dance around and drink a lot crowd at the Mixx. 

Location – it’s at the Borgata, we already mentioned that but it’s worth repeating.  If Mixx happens to suck that night – or you want to try and hit multiple places (don’t try that without a way to hop without waiting in line – hint: that’s us) you’re at the Borgata so everything you could ever want (non-stripper on stage wise) is right there.

Reserved / VIP Areas – we won’t go into the many details of getting bottle service or a VIP area as it’s otherwise known because we’ll do that in other posts but when it comes to having amazing VIP areas the Mixx does it right.   From tables for 4 on the dancefloor, skyboxes for 30 overlooking the whole place, or couches in a secret room Mixx has options.  As we’ve said before, options are good.  We’ll even show you how to get the super VIP table which is suspended from cables hanging from the ceiling.  OK, just kidding.


Hit or Miss – some nights Mixx will be on fire (quite literally) with thousands of people throwing off their clothes having a great time and some nights it will be mediocre.  This has to do with tons of factors like what’s going on at the other Borgata places or what night it is.  Using someone in the know like the pros here will make sure you’re there at the right time on the right day (honestly – it isn’t that hard, it’s usually great in there).

Location – I know we said location was a highlight, but it can also be a lowlight.  Since it’s in such a great hotel and casino that offers so much sometimes the crowd will choose other places (or only stay here a certain amount of time).

Overall, get in the mix at Mixx (damn that was corny).   It’s a great place, it’s at the Borgata, the crowd is great and you can get lost there when you want too.

Don - ACBP

Maybe this applies to any bachelor party and not just one in Atlantic City, but here’s a couple quick guidelines to let you know that you should just try and take over and make something better happen.

Warning Signs
  • Everyone’s just sitting around, and not because they’re hungover.  
  • Prolonged periods of silence
  • The stripper has a Medicare card
  • The strippers ask for more money when they show up
  • You didn’t call us
  • You’re afraid to walk from the check in counter to your room (and yes, there are places like this)
  • You’re waiting in line, anywhere
  • Someone says to your future father-in-law:  “Go ahead - I think she’s over 18”
  •  You spend longer than 2 minutes trying to locate a liquor store in AC to get beer – or you just decide to wonder around AC to find one.

Like we said – if these, or any other signs come about during the bachelor party you’re at – take over, make shit happen. 

Don - ACBP

You’re driving down the Turnpike and roll into town, what’s the first place you see – Caesars!  Before you even ask, let me assure you – Caesar himself has never stayed here (although we think he’d be pretty damn happy if he did). 

Caesar’s may be one of the hotels that has been around for a while – but they are constantly reinventing themselves and providing an experience you won’t be able to find in many places.  It’s a GREAT idea to stay here for your bachelor party because you’ll be able to find plenty of options of things to do and lots of ways to get in trouble.
The property includes a nice hotel (good size rooms for your group), the Pier (you’ll see other posts on that as well), Dusk nightclub, and if you go at Christmas they put Santa hats on all the statues (make a game of getting a drunk bachelor to try and steal one – just don’t end up in jail).


Options – like we just mentioned, Caesars is one of the best properties because it provides lots of options and ideas.   You can’t be bored if there’s lots to do (if you’re bored on a bachelor party – kill the organizer or yourself, it probably means you or the person setting up the party sucks). Here, everything you could want for a great night is in one location.  Wake up, hit the spa for a steam to recover, go eat lunch at the Continental, get a couple beers on the casino floor, win a million at blackjack, do a nice dinner, do a pub crawl, hit the club, then finish the night by winning another million in the poker room.  It’s all at Caesars.

Location – it’s directly in the middle of the main part of AC and is on the boardwalk so you can take a quick walk to some of the other properties, or to throw the bachelor into the water, or hit a beach bar.

Nightlife – between the bars and clubs there’s lots of girls walking around looking for groups of bachelor parties to hit on them.


Pricey – you’re not typically going to find the types of deals here that you would at some of the other properties in AC.  Also, the restaurants and clubs are on the slightly more expensive side.   That being said, it’s nothing amazingly out of reach, and there are plenty of ways to make your money stretch far here.  Working with us will give you amazing deals at this place and we’ll let you know how to get the most for your money.

Overall, Caesars is a great idea for your bachelor party.  When planning the party definitely take this property into consideration.  You’ll probably end up stopping by here anyway during your time in AC and wondering why you didn’t stay here in the first place.

Mike, Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Periodically we will be listing out some of the many great ideas and activities that you could take part in for your Atlantic City New Jersey Bachelor Party.   We will try not to focus too much on the very obvious (get drunk) and instead be more specific (get drunk by doing a bar crawl through the many bars at the Pier at Caesar’s) to help you with the overall plan of the party.

Here’s the first part – we’ll continue to add more.   You can almost guarantee the success of any bachelor party by having ideas and options ready for what to do.  Use these as a start, email us for even more and get ready to have a great time.

-Do a bar crawl through the many bars at the Pier at Caesar’s (day or night)
-Take a passed out bachelor over to Lucy the Elephant and get X-rated pictures
-Go fishing off a boat in Margate
-End your night at the bBar in the center of the Borgata
More to come…. Millions more.  The ideas never stop in Atlantic City and with the pros at  Contact us now.

While we absolutely love and appreciate the benefits of staying within one of the great hotels and casinos in Atlantic City we have and do sometimes recommend going outside a hotel and renting a house in the area for your bachelor party. 
Let’s face it – the best bachelor party ideas are the ones that reflect the group that will be going and the partying style of that group.  When you’re planning the bachelor party you want to take many factors into consideration (which we can help you with, so email us) and sometimes renting a house just makes more sense for your party.

A quick yes / no guide to see if a house might be the best idea for the bachelor party?   
  • is the MOST important thing to the bachelor that everyone in the group is together in one place (even more than having hotel rooms right next to each other?
  • is the party gonna want to hang in the same place for the majority of the time?
  • do you have a very large group (we can help you find houses that fit anywhere from 4 to 20 people – in one house)?
  • would it make the party way more appealing if you had a house directly on the beach or with its own dock in the bay?
  • is grilling or cooking your own meals extremely attractive (or having midgets answer the door naked when the pizza guy shows up)?
  • do you have access to a tiger or polar bear (it’s a lot easier to sneak an animal into a house vs. a hotel)?
These are just a few of the questions that can help guide you in determining if the best idea for your bachelor party is to rent a house.   There aren’t too many available right in Atlantic City – but there are plenty in the towns right next to it (and it’s just a very short cab ride away).   We can help you find the best one for your group – and make sure you are paying the right price, and won’t get screwed with too much of a demolition bill when you leave.

Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party