The Revel is set to open in Atlantic City on April 2nd.  It won't be in shape enough to have a bachelor party there - but if you start scouting things out then you'll be sure to know where to stumble around when you throw a bachelor party there this summer.

Let's face it, most people are planning summer bachelor parties right now, and taking your party to the newest resort in AC would look really good for style points.

Revel is sure to be going all out to make sure it's guests are happy and having a great time.  That being said, every other resort in AC is probably thinking the same thing to make their guests happy with a new place opening in town too.  It's a win win for any bachelor party this summer.

In the meantime, read more about the Revel in Atlantic City here and just be sure to not throw up on their new carpets while you're there.  I don't think they'll like that.

Nick - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

This summer Metallica is bringing a 2 day music festival to Atlantic City.  If you're into music and the tons of acts and events they have planned you've just found yourself a great part of your AC Bachelor Party.  If you're not into any of those things or Metallica, you've just found yourself a great alibi for all the stuff you will be doing in AC that weekend.

Either way, the festival is going to bring a ton of people, energy and fun to AC and bachelor parties are sure to benefit from the excitement.  

So, get ready for June 23-24 and make sure at least someone in your group stops by and gets some t-shirts for everyone to help with the alibi.

Check out the story here: Metallica and Atlantic City Music Festival 

Don - Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Pauly D just announced a residency at Harrah's in Atlantic City.  That means that you'll have a lot more opportunity to party with him (and all the girls he attracts to the club) at your Atlantic City Bachelor Party.  

Read about it here Pauly D in Atlantic City

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