Every year ACWeekly holds a nightlife awards competition where they let their readers vote for the winners in a number of categories like Best Happy Hour or Best Sports Bar.  While we may not necessarily agree with every winner, we wanted to pass along the list to help get your ideas going.

The reason we said we don’t necessarily agree with all the winners is for two main reasons: this list is not specifically coming from a bachelor party perspective, and because the voting is open to anyone (and only promoted in ACWeekly’s media) it can easily be manipulated or reflect only their reader’s opinions.

So, check out the list below and get your thoughts going – then contact us to keep the ideas going and tailor it to your bachelor party and your group. 

Also, we thank you for your votes for Best Promoter Category – they don’t publish the winners of that list – but we do know you voted!  Thanks!

The 2011 Nightlife Award Winners

(reprinted from

The winners in each category are in bold and the honorable mentions include an *
  • Best Comedy Club: The Comedy Stop Cafe & Cabaret
  • Best Wine Selection: Phillips Seafood – Cellar 32*
  • Best Beer Selection: Firewaters – Tun Tavern*
  • Best Drink Specials: Souzai
  • Best Martini: Blue Martini
  • Best Happy Hour: Souzai
  • Best Bartender: Scott Gully (Laguna Grille) – Jason Solari (Souzai)*
  • Best Irish Bar: The Irish Pub – Ri Ra*
  • Best Sports Bar: Game On!
  • Best Beach Bar: Trump Plaza – Sammy Hagar’s @ Ballys*
  • Best Karaoke: Planet Rose
  • Best Club to hear Hip Hop Music: 40/40 Club
  • Best Lounge Act: Beth Tinnon (Tropicana)
  • Best Lounge for Live Entertainment: Ego – Gypsy Bar*
  • Best Bottle Service: Dusk
  • Best Local Hangout: Ducktown Tavern – The Chelsea*
  • Best Place to Have a Bachelor Party: The Quarter – Dusk*
  • Best Place to Have a Bachelorette Party: The Quarter – Boogie Nights*
  • Best Gentleman’s Club: Bare Exposure – AC Dolls*
  • Best Club to find Celebrities: Dusk – The Pool at Harrah’s*
  • Best Club Dancers: Mur.Mur – Boogie Nights*
  • Best After Hours Spot: 32 Degrees – Casbah*
  • Best Resident DJ: DJ Vito G (Caesars Ent.)
  • Best Industry Night: Mur.Mur – Dusk*
  • Best Dance Club: Boogie Nights

* Indicates Honorable Mention


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

If you listen to Howard Stern on Sirius XM Radio, and you should, you know about Medicated Pete.  If you don’t – close your eyes and picture someone that would make a bachelor party that much more hilarious – the person you’re picturing is Medicated Pete. 

After hearing him on the Howard Stern Show again this week we couldn’t help ourselves in talking about how great it would be to have Pete join the party and let you know that he is available.  If you did listen you even heard a story from a caller about Medicated Pete at a recent bachelor party and how the group thought that Pete did an amazing job and totally made their night.

So, for your next Atlantic City Bachelor Party we can help set up Pete to come down and roast the bachelor, MC the party, and show you a bunch of stripper games you never thought of.  Plus, you’ll get to hang out with Pete for the night – he gets our highest seal of approval, so you know it’ll be good. 

Give us a shout and we’ll connect you with Pete.

P.S. - we are not trying to insinuate we have any connection w/ the Stern Show, we're just trying to make your bachelor party that much more fucking amazing and get Pete some work in the mean time.


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

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We’ve had a great year at ACBP and we’re thrilled to bring you great blog content to help you plan out and have a great time at your Atlantic City Bachelor Party.  As experts in planning bachelor parties, the blog gives us a great way to help make sure that your next bachelor party goes smoothly and you get everything you can out of AC.

With that, here’s the top 5 posts from 2010 according to where our visitors clicked.  Thanks!

5. Our 5th most popular post from 2010 deals with which pools in Atlantic City are the best for your bachelor party.

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4.  Our 4th most popular post helps answer the question of which type of fishing might be best for the party.

Bachelor Party Fishing in AC - Deep Sea or Party Boat, Which is Better?

3. The 3rd place post talks about bachelor parties and Harrah’s Casino in AC

Atlantic City Nightlife Review – Bachelor Parties in the Pool at Harrah’s

2. The number two spot goes to the best things to do at an outdoor winter bachelor party.

The Top 3 Things to do Outdoors at a Winter Bachelor Party in AC

1.  And, our number 1 spot talks about what else – strippers.  Not just any post, this one will help you figure out if you should go out or order your strippers in (hint: order them through us).

Atlantic City Strippers: In Your Hotel or At The Strip Club - How to Decide

There you have it, the top 5 bachelor party links of 2010.  We’ll keep bringing you great content in 2011 – just make sure you keep throwing amazing bachelor parties (which will happen if you book w/ us).


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party




We'll be upgrading some of our technical stuff over the next few days so you won't see a blog post.  Don't worry though - we'll still get your emails and the forms will still work.  We'll get back to you asap and have you partying in no time.

OK, to tell the truth..... we're just taking the whole office on a 5 day bachelor party.   If we survive, we'll get back to you by early next week.

Miss those days when you used to take a school bus to school?  What better way to relive the memory than to get a party bus for your next bachelor party.   We love party buses, when they’re used the right way, and we want to make sure that you get everything you can out of your party bus experience and avoid getting a bus when it really doesn’t make sense.

First, let’s start with some reasons why it’s great to have a party bus at the bachelor party:
  • No Need to Drive – this is obvious, but making sure you get the party around without having to drive or name a designated driver can make the bus totally worth it. Oh yeah, and now you can drink while someone drives!
  • Everyone In The Same Place – hate the idea of everyone showing up in their own cars or being responsible for “finding the place”?  Another great part about buses is that they can fit a lot of people.  Whether it’s an old school yellow school bus or a luxury party bus you can generally fit the entire bachelor party inside.
  • Taking the Show on the Road – yup, you can get strippers on the bus.  60MPH lap dances mean a lot faster grinding up and down on your pants.
  • Hanger-Ons – girls that you meet while you are bar hopping during the bachelor party will find it so fascinating that you have a party bus you’re traveling from bar to bar on.  This is when you invite them on the bus and then have them join along for the party until which time that you want to leave them at the next bar because you’ve found hotter / crazier girls that want to see what the inside of a party bus looks like.
  • Alibi’s – generally the bride to be will think that it will be a tamer bachelor party if you say you’re having it on a party bus.  Just say you’ll be on the bus the whole time driving around town screaming out the windows and they’ll never know that you did a strip club crawl to every strip club in a 90 mile radius.  The next day you’ll have so many stories that happened on the bus that you won’t have to cover for the really good stories that took place off the bus.

Now that we’ve got you seeing how great a party bus can be, let’s talk about the flip side:

  • Cost – party buses can be expensive.  Getting pulled over for throwing shit out the windows of busses can also be expensive, so can cleaning bills for the idiot that throws up on the leather couch.  Be very mindful of total costs when renting – see that the price includes everything (gas, tolls, clean up, insurance).
  • Trying to Wrangle a Group – party buses are great to move from place to place – but did you ever try dragging 20 drunk guys out of a bar or strip club?  Not happening!  You’ll have half the group get right on the bus on time and the other half take an extra hour leaving the bar only after 100 texts and then paying the bouncers to drag them out.
  • Chasing a good time – no matter how much fun you’re having at one place, your mind will be wondering – what if we take the bus over to this other place, will it be better?  Having a bus gives you mobility, which gives you choices – which can make you crazy wondering where the best place is.  
  • Utilization – a lot of people get buses, only to take them down to the party and then take them home.  That can end up being a great under utilization of the bus and you can definitely get a better deal for just using it for that one reason.  You can probably get hotel rooms wherever you’re partying (contact us if you want to party in Atlantic City) for much cheaper per guy and get the benefit of staying over.
There’s plenty more to debate in the great to bus or not to bus debate.  We’ll let you come up with some more reasons why it can be good and bad and make your own decision.  The one thing we will tell you is that whatever you do – make sure you get a bus big enough if you go with a  bus.  The last thing you want to do is to have 20 guys on a bus fit for 10.


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

If you’re having a bachelor party in Atlantic City this weekend (and why wouldn’t you be), you’re in for a great time.    With the extra holiday a lot of people are getting on Monday, an Atlantic City Bachelor Party is sure to be memorable.  There are some great things going on in AC this weekend and you should hit all of them – and then some.  

The Borgata has an amazing line up from Friday to Monday – including one of our favorite party masters – Steve Aoki - on Monday night.  Harrah’s has Pauly D on Sunday, sure to bring out the best partiers.  The rest of the casinos are having some good promotions too for the Miss’d America Pageant (no, that wasn’t a misspelling) so be sure to check everything out this weekend.


Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party   

With all the snow on the ground, it’s easy to start day dreaming about Summer 2011 in Atlantic City.  Well, while we were day dreaming we took some notes and put down just some of the things we’d like to see in town this summer.  Bachelor parties are already amazing here, and these would just help that much more.

Again, an even better pool party – we mentioned it in our previous post:  Our Wishlist for Atlantic City in 2011, but it’s worth mentioning again.  Let’s go casino/hotels – let’s see some crazy partying at the pools.  Chelsea has stepped up as well as some others – let’s really blow it up for Summer 2011.

Beach Bar Blowouts – why are the amazing beach bars in AC not packed every minute of the day?  Let’s figure that out, and make it happen.  Bring a damn craps table and some slots out there too.  Wouldn’t it be great if your cabana at the beach bar had a slot machine?  Also, move them closer to the water (or put some baby pools there) – the goal should be to replace the experience of sitting on the beach, not to replace the experience of sitting in an inside bar.  Leverage the amenities (ocean) of where the beach bar is located.

Free Concerts on the Beach – when I was way too young I remember going to a free Beach Boys concert on the beach in Atlantic City with my parents.  Why’s this good for bachelor parties – because the only thing I remember about that concert was some lady showing her boobs to try and get on stage.  Free concerts bring fun people; fun people make for good bachelor parties.  Enough said.

Adult Convention / Parties – why does the annual Exxxotica convention happen in Edison, NJ after the summer?  Bring it to AC during the summer; let’s heat this town up with a great convention that will bring in the crowds.  They’d be happy to have it in AC – they keep almost getting kicked out of Edison.  

Easier Jet Ski or Boat Rentals – will someone please rent us a jet ski right off of The Deck at Trump Marina or off of the beach/boardwalk.  That damn marina is an amazing spot that’s underused.   While we’re at it – hey Borgata and Harrah’s – build a walkway and water amusement on the Bay right outside your hotels. 

Bikinis Everywhere – well, maybe not everyone – but please make the new summer uniform (indoors and out) bikinis.  It works at night at Harrah’s pool – why hasn’t Hooters switched uniforms yet?

Volleyball Championships – let’s get the women’s volleyball championships to AC this year.  Have you ever seen volleyball girls?  Plus, it’s a great warm up for the in‐room entertainment to see girls slapping each other’s asses after a point.

Hawaiian Tropic Anything – there’s a restaurant in NY and pageants across the world.  Let’s get either to Atlantic City this summer.

So that’s the start – what are your ideas for a great summer in Atlantic City?   AC has gotten a lot of great news lately and the above list would make it just that much better.


Mike – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Grenades, missile launchers and land mines may not be great to hook up with in real life – but for a down and dirty bachelor party, they’re perfect.   If you don’t believe us just take your bachelor party to Harrah’s Atlantic City this Sunday night and partake in A Shore Thing with Pauly D.   What better reason to extend the bachelor party till Sunday than the chance to fist pump with the best, and enjoy Pauly D’s leftovers.

 If you want a cabana so close to him you’ll get hit with hair gel shrapnel just contact us

Pauly D – Harrah’s Atlantic City – Sunday January 16th


Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

By now you’re hangover from New Years partying should be over and you’re ready to get back on the horse for the upcoming bachelor party you have in Atlantic City.   You had such an amazing time at New Year’s in Atlantic City that you’re wondering how the hell you’re going to top it all.

Well, don’t worry January offers plenty to do in AC and the best part is that because a ton of people are lying to themselves about new year resolutions, you’ll have less of a crowd to deal with.  Of course, some people are also trying to party and gamble to get over all the family crap they had to do during the holidays too – so the really fun people are there.

First off, check out the list of things to do outside during the winter at an AC bachelor party – that will get you started.   Besides those things you’ll also want to make sure you have the bachelor party standards set up (or contact us and we’ll do everything for you).  The best part about strippers during the winter months – they work much harder for your party because they are getting less work than during the summer.   Everyone wants girls that work harder to make the bachelor party great. 

AC also has some amazing parties going on during January.  You might of already missed Porn Star Sasha Grey at Harrah’s, but you’ll still be able to hit Steve Aoki at The Borgata.  He may not be in porn, but most of the girls that go see his show are hot enough to be in movies.    There’s plenty of great things going on in AC in January, just ask.

If you’re bachelor party isn’t till after January, at least get started working on the plans now.  The earlier you (and us) start working on planning the party – the better.  It takes a couple days or weeks to get the tigers flown in.


Don – Atlantic City Bachelor Party

Bachelor parties generally don’t spend a lot of time at slot machines. After all, what slot machine could compete with a hot stripper in your room?   However, some recent changes to slot machines in Atlantic City may start to change that.  

Everyone knows that at AC casinos you get free drinks while sitting at the machines and the machines are loose enough to keep you playing.  The main problem with the machines, from a bachelor party perspective, is that the drinks don’t always come fast enough (ask us which casinos are the fastest).  Thanks to our new favorite slot machine button on some machines in certain casinos (and other casinos joining in soon) the drinks should be coming even faster.  Enjoy!

Now if we could just get them to add a lap dance and steak button.  


Nick – Atlantic City Bachelor Party